November 1, 2010

Bamboo baseball bat

"Bamboo baseball bat"

Bamboo is made into baseball bat. Have you known?

In Japan, bamboo bat is used only as a practice bat. Because it is prohibited to use in a game. But I heard from my friend in Pueblo Colorado that in major league baseball, some player use bamboo bat in a game.

That thing sounded very interesting to me. I think it is good news for Japanese bamboo.
Because the quality of Japanese bamboo bat is high, so there will be business chance for Japanese bamboo bat company, there may exist some possibility to access to some major league baseball players, including Ichiro, Matusi, Fukudome, the other Japanese baseball players.

A bamboo bat is made by a compound method, some bamboos are cut into at constant cubes, these are assembled with glue, pressed and shaped.
I knew a good company of bamboo bat, "Hinomaru bamboo factory (HINOMSRUCHIKKOU) " in Kagoshima, Japan.
In our Japan trip with bamboo bike we visited this company and interviewed them for some hours, they are professional bamboo craftsmen, honor of Japanese craftsmanship.    Takashi 2010/11/2 @St.Louis

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