November 13, 2010

11/12 Sebree

11/12, Fine day, from Marion to Sebree, 43miles

Today was beautiful day. Sunlight danced on the leaves and made beautiful contrast of shine and shade. I woke up 4:00a.m. wrote e-mail to my friends. Wayne who is a pastor in church in Marion,KY. came to my room at 7:45a.m. We went to Cafe shop to eat breakfast, ate omulet and baked patato, good. We talked about family, Japan, Marion and many thing, I enjyoed talking with Wayne, and I felt always his kindness, warm heart. Why are American people so kind? Great people. I was blessed by Wayne, and Bamboo bike2 and I said bye-bye to Wayne. Thank you so much Wayne, we took good rest, connected internet, could stay warm in your church.

"Church in Marion" ,host cyclist
Wayne Garvey
302 W.Boliville st, Marion,KY
Cyclist can stay, enjoyed talking  here like in home. (next year this place will be registered in ACA's map) Tyo cool!

We started biking 9:00a.m. My leg condition was good. Of course bamboo bike2's condition was tyo good. The scenery around here, Marion, Clay, Dixon,Sebree, it was like a Nevada, or Kanzas, or Missouri, I felt. Vast field were spreading in front of us. Sunlight were dancing on the field here and there. When we passed Dixon, I ate a energy bar, banana. We arrived at the church in Sebree 0:15p.m.Tonight we stayed in church. I met Bob and Violet, a pastor of church and his wife, they have ran church for 31years, hosted cyclists for 31years. I was invited lunch, teriyaki vegetable, rice(like a Japanese rice),ham, sweet potato! ice cream, and unsweet tea. Tyo good. Oops..stick to rib...

When she heard this word, and I talked to Violet about the story "stick to rib" I was taught by Cathy, Ben in Golconda, she laughed much and enjoyed this story. I felt happy,too. She taught me one word, it is "deep fried turkey". I heard for the first time. On Thanksgiving day, her son often cooks big fried turkey, he dips turkey and fried. → deep oil and fried → deep fried turkey
It sounded very interesting to me.

I took shower and connected internet, gathered some information, weather, e-mail for some time,
I asked Vioket to contact local newspaper, but I could not meet reporter because he/she went out, after that Ben and Violet took me to Evansville, Indiana by car. In the car we enjoyed talking about Japan, Kentucky, horse racing, basketball, football, Obama, family, my trip, price of gasoline, different accent between West America and East America. Bob sometimes teased me, he said about the diferent accent, " Kentucky was most correct". I did not know whether this was true but Violet said to me, "he teased you."  I did not know whether it was true, but Funny.

We went to hospital in Evansville, and visited their friend who encountered traffic accident of the truck. I was so sorry, their fried, and at moment I felt my lucky to my heart, and felt that I wanted to say thank you to something sacred/ big/. After that we went to Italian restaurant and ate dinner, spaghetti. On the way back to Sebree, I felt sleepy, and slept in the car. Though we planned that we went to listen music after dinner, they were so kind that they changed plan and took me to church. When I backed to room, at once I crached.... maybe I was very tired. I thought that I needed a little bit more rehabilitation for trip/ padaling /. But I will be able to overcome this situation, I will train my leg, mustle, conditon for a couple of days. Good night.

 Takashi 2010/11/12@Sebree,KY

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