November 21, 2010

11/21 Wytheville

11/21 Fine day, from Damascus to Wytheville, 59miles

Today was the 5th day since we have entered the Appalachians. I woke up 4:15a.m. Ate breakfast: chicke broccori, sirial with 2% milk. And I made original drink, 100% spring water from Meadowviwe, lemonado, and 2% milk. Tasted?!...ya, it was OK.

After cleaning up the room, we started 5:50a.m. Wind blew a little bit storngly, but no problem, we already had experienced such windy day in Great Basin National Park, in Kansas, Missouri. Today we passed about 3,800feet hill, some hiker's trails, with hearing the sounds of river. 
I saw wonderful sunrise, and scenery this morning.
This was awesome.
Big Sun shed the light on the ground here and there through between the trees, white air occurred from the frosty grounds and some rose up and the others floated between trees, above the grounds. A few birds sometimes sang. 
I am feeling the Appalachians has 2 faces, the dark face and the bright face, it was like "Goddess, of Medousa". At the dark face, I could see early morning, it was like a world of Poe, whom I love the best as a poet, trees were strange shape, conjested, rivers were curvy, and it was dark covered by many trees. It was like a "Dreamland" or "City in the Sea" by Poe.
(Oh... Poe was lived in Virginia for a few time..)

But the other face was wonderful, beautiful, delicate, subtle, nervous, sculptural, static, and gentle.
I felt the Goddess of America when I saw such this beautiful morning in the Appalachians. Rocky Mt. was like "Alexander the Great", heroic, spectacle, strong, powerful and bravery. I was enjoying the various scenery of Appalachians. This morning was so impressive that I will never forget this morning in my life. Great the Appalachians! Thank you, God of America, thank you Goddess of America.

We passed Troutdale, Sugar Grove, Cedar Springs, Rural Retreat, and arrived at Wytherville at 11:30p.m. Tonight we stayed at Hampton Inn in Wytherville, it was pretty expensive for me but I could connect internet, gather lots of information, take great rest, use loundry, stay warm.
I cooked chicken rice by microwave, and eat with 4 breads with peanuts butter, some coffee.

We have already run 3,639.8miles(6,066km), 82% of all distance. The distance of the rest of this trip is 816.2miles(1,360km). The goal is coming.   

Takashi 2010/11/21 @Wytheville, VA

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