November 29, 2010

11/28 @Fredericksburg

11/28 Fine day, @Fredericksburg

Today was beautiful Sunday. I stayed at Fredericksburg with Steve and his family. I took good rest and relaxed, ate good foods.
I woke up 6:00a.m. This mornig I went to church with Steve, there I sang some songs and read some sentenses of bibles. I felt relaxed and meet some people and talked to them.
Coming back home we ate "Challah" as lunch, Jewish New Year traditional foods, big round bread with some raisins. It was a little sweet, tasted good. I went to buy a vantage to role right ankle.
After that Steve introduced me around Fredericksburg town, a home of Mary Washingon, Ferry farm which George Washington lived in his childhood, and cut cherry tree. I walked around battlefield of civil war in Fredericksburg with Steve and his 2 dongs Dogg and Dioji for some time. Dogg was Akita, one of the kinds of dogs in Japan. I saw Akita in United States for the first time. I felt good. And in the battlfield we saw some wild turkeys, it was exciting! It was wonderful to me there were some such a big, beautiful, wild parks in the town.

We had great time with Steve and his family for 2 days in Fredericksburg. And we could had great rest here. We will go aim to Washington D.C. tomorrow. Thank you so much, Steve, Bobbie, Joe, Dogg, Dioji, Charlie, Charlotte, Monster!

Takashi 2010/11/28 @Fredericksburg


  1. hi!kosugi da.
    genkisoude nariyorida.
    america oudan mo mousugu owari dana!
    last kiwohikisimete goal wo
    nihon ni kaettekitara oisii
    sakedemo nomou.
    syasin ha roppongi midtown de totta
    bamboo no syasin da.
    good luck!

  2. Arigatai, nabe demo tsutuskitaine
    omoroi syashin ya na