November 28, 2010

11/27 Fredericksburg ~ Happy 2 days later Thanksgiving! ~

11/27 Fine day, from Twin Oaks Community to Fredericksburg, 48.7miles

Though I woke 3:00a.m. and washed face, I felt I was yet intoxicated a little, so I slept again. I woke up 5:00a.m. again and prepared for journey. I went to a kitchen and met Maggie and David and some ladies and guys there. Maggie cooked french toast, scrambled eggs, oat meal for me and David. It tasted great, and got lots of energy. French toast was tyo good! I said bye-bye to David and Maggie. Thank you David, Maggie! And thank you so much for the people in Twin Oaks Community!

The road today was gentle, the weather was tyo fine, we enjoyed biking under the trees which dropped almost their leaves. Though the traffic was getting conjested, it meant we were close to the New York, the destination. Today I used a map which David checked by google maps and printed.

We arrived at Fredericksburg 1:00p.m. and met Steve, hosted us tonight kindly. I met his son, Bobbie and Joe. And I met Dogg, Dioji, Charlie, Charlotte, Monster, powerful dogs, cute cats. I and Steve walked around with Dogg and Dioji. My right achilles tendon was still painful, not good, but the condition was not getting worse. I will taping around ankle and will overcome this situation.

Tonight there was wonderful thing...happened...!

"Thanksgiving two days later!"

Steve was cooked for me! He was so kind that they waited for Thanksgiving dinner till I came. Thank you so much! I took some photos, these were memorial, for the first time Thanksgiving for me. Before eating we prayed for a couple of minutes. I ate lots of turkey with gravy, cranberry sauce, some staffing and sweet potato, broccoli. I was tyo happy to eat Thanksgiving dinner and have enjoyable time with Steve, Bobie, Joe. After dinner we went walking with Dogg and Dioji around University of Mary Washington. There were many beautiful buildings in University, library, gallery, dormitory, restaurant... Though I still wore shorts, I felt a little bit chilly. When a big clock tower appeared in front of us, I tried to take photos of that tower, my camera did not work well at that time, did not focus well. But it was OK, because I will not forget this wonderful night with Steve, Bobbie, Joe, Dogg, Dioji,Charlie,Charlottes, Monster,  "Thanksgiving 2 day later night!" Thank you so much, Steve!  I was tyo happy!  Our Thanksgiving menu was as follows, cooked by Steve.

"Thanksgiving menu"

Maple Roast Turkey
Cranberry Sauce
Lemon and Cashew stuffing
Sweet Potatoes with maple syrup

Pumpkin Pie
Apple Pie
Ice cream

Takashi 2010/11/27 @Fredericksburg, VA

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