November 25, 2010

11/24 Charlottesville

11/24, Fine day, from Buchanan to Charlottesville, 107miles

Today was big day, passed the last big pass of the Appalachian, and rode over 100miles. We did our best and enjoyed biking this big day much. I suddenly decided to change schedule of today and decided to go not to Afton but Charlottesville, VA before crash yesterday, because I have one promise with a gentleman to stay at his home in Loisa,VA with his family tomorrow, and to help his wife to cook dinner for Thanksgiving. Samurai always sure to keep promises.

I woke up 4:00a.m. and boiled water by a small stove, and cooked instant oatmeal, 0.6L of coffee. This small stove cooked for me many foods(almost rice..), boiled water for me. I said thank you to this small stove. I ate 3 packs of oatmeals and 4 breads pasted peanuts butter and drank some coffee.

We started biking 6:00a.m. on I-81 already there were many cars and big truck running. Though it was still dark, because of the lamps of many cars I can see around more than usual. Around 8:30a.,m. we passed Lexington,VA, I saw many Christmas decorations in the town, beautiful church, buildings made from red bricks. 

We arrived at Vesuvius, the entrance of George Washington National forest, and the big last passes of the Appalachian for me and bamboo bike2 in this trip. I took some photos of us. Many memories of this trip occurred in my heart and head, memories appeared one after another.
All memories are valuable for us and let me feel happy.

For a  couple of minites..passed. Sentimentalism..Nostalgic.. suddenly the bravery awakened me.
"Go ahead!" "Let's go, bamboo bike2!" Bamboo bike2 replied at once, "yes, my brother!"

3miles continuous uphills, steep and curvy, lots of sweat. lots of excitement. Lots of squirrels, birds, trees, fallen leaves, fallen trees, little cars. There were many faces of autumn, waiting for winter. It was quiet around. I could hear my own breathing only. Sometimes I looked around and enjoyed scenery, and sometimes looked down on the road and put power strongly into the pedals of bamboo bike2, When I climbing this uphills, I was always feeling lots of valuable memories of this trip occurred in my heart one by one, such like a clear spring in a beautiful valley. "The last big pass of the Appalachian, SR56, here was a good place for us and this trip." Thank you so much for the Appalachians!

After 45minutes, we arrived at the sign of "Blue Ridge Parkway", the top of mountain, about 3,200feet from 1,700feet(Vesuvius). I took some rest for a couple of minutes and took some photos. I felt chilly a little. No one there were. Only me and bamboo bike2.

Under the old bridge made from stone, I rode on the Blue Ridge Parkway, and passed road surrounded by the high mountains of the Appalachian. I saw many colorful mountains, the Appalachians. We passed Reeds Gap, Rockfish Gap, Afton and arrived at Charlottesville at 4:00p.m.

I found a lodge to stay tonight. After checking in , I checked tires of bamboo bike2 as usual, I found a problem of bamboo bike2. One spoke of rear tire was broken. I did not know how important this problem, I am beginner, little knowledge about bike. I considered the effect of this defect, I could not get any idea. "Can I run at this condition? or not? Why did it break? Since when? Maybe today... Is it a big problem? or not? I have a promise with someone tomorrow. I am late on schedule, I must be hurry. Tomorrow is holiday, will bike shop in Charlottesville open?.."

I ate dinner at the restaurant near the lodge, ate chicken and some vegetables. After back in my room, I could not yet make decision what I should do, Should we go or not to go ahead at this condition, should I go bike shop and fix? I sent some e-mails to my frieds who knew about bike well. I felt some tired, outside it was quiet, sometimes I heard the warning of police car. I will decide what to do tomorrow early morning. Good sleep.

Takashi 2010/11/24 @Charlottesville

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