November 23, 2010

11/22 Christiansburg

11/22 Fine day, from Wytheville to Christiansburg, 56miles

Yesterday, I stayed very good hotel, Hampton Inn, Wytheville.

Hotel Impressions;
1.The bed was very soft, my body sank deeper than usual.. When I jumped into the bed and jumped on the bed, bamboo bike2 laughed at me and said, "Except me, no one looked at you, Takashi"...
2.The bathroom was very clean and wide, I took shower for a long long time at both yesterday night and this morning, pasted moisture on skin, used conditioner, smelled flavor of soap, felt relax, bamboo bike laughted at me, and said, "Except me, no one looked at you, Takashi"...
3.The coffee was very tasted, and there were some kinds of coffee, Decaf, Roasted and Regular.
I tried to drink all types of coffee, I preferred Decaf, because it was tasty, and light. Bamboo bike laughed at me and said, "you would write a coffee blog, wouldn't you?"...

I woke up 4:30a.m. and prepared for departure, and I went to restaurant to eat breakfast at 6:00a.m. This morning breakfast was tyo super,2 bagles, 2 breads, 4 omulets, a bunch of sausages, 3packs of oatmeal, 2 yogults, a bunch of fruits, 1 banana, 2 cups of coffee, and 1 orange juice.
I felt "Manpuku"! ("Manpuku" is in Japanese, it means "stick to rib" in English) Furthermore, I was given 3 omulets and a bunch of saisages and 1 bagle from the hotel. I packed these foods into tapperware container which my mother gave me before this trip. I remembered my hometown, Osaka and my family. Thank you so much, Mom!

I checked e-mail and wrote some responses, heard 3 songs "Bleeding Love", "I got you" by Leona Lewis, and "Photograph" by Nickelback. on Youtube. I like Leona, and Nickelback. Very relax.
We started 8:00a.m. It was fine today and 56miles distance. I shook hands with the hotel man of the Hampton, who got interested in our trip, he gave us the kind words, "Safe trip!" Thank you so much! It was very warm, very good day for bike today.Bamboo bike seemed to be fun! On the way, a handsome gentleman with Ray-ban sunglasses said to us with a big big voice suddenly, "GOOD DAY FOR YOU!" Oops.. I was so surprised that I almost slipped down....but I felt happy! The people in Virginia were very friendly for bike, almost they waved to us ,in the car, along the road and some people said to us, "Hi!". We felt happy.

Around here, from Wytheville to Christianburg, beautiful scenery was spreading, too. There were some farms, gentle hills, some farm machines, pretty houses, cattle, horse, sheep, sunlight danced here and there, time passed slowly, peaceful, static. It was like a paintings. And when I saw the tree around here, I sometimes felt it was such like a capillaries or Nerve. It was delicate, sharp, subtle, poetic, beautiful.
Though my right achilles tendon has been not good, we were enjoying biking around here. While biking, I often got flash backs of everyone whom we met in this trip, and everywhere whom we passed. When I saw a black big dog, I remembered Bohdi in Denver and Ziek in Utah, when I saw a sheep, I remember the wild and beautiful scenery in Nevada, Pylamid Lake, Deborah, David, four wheeler, RV, the boss of Cold springs station, Harley Davidson, Stephen... Rose mountain near Reno...Austin summit, Peter, Alek...New York Steak... when I saw the exposed wild rock, I remembered the Bryce Canyon, and Michael, David, when I saw the blue pond, I remembered the hot tub in Kings beach, Ben, San Francisco Giants, hot tub in Montrose, Rocky, lent cabin, sweet tomatoes..... Memory brings abother memory, Memory connects another memory. All memory are valuable for me, I am always feeling happiness/ gratitude/ while biking, I often breathed deeply recently on ride, that is...I breathed happiness into my whole lung. Samurai never forget gratitude.

We arrived at Christiansburg at 1:00p.m. I ate lunch at lodge, 3 omulets and a bunch of sausages and 1 bagle which I was given at Hampton hotel, and beef stew and chicken rice which I bought in
Family Dollar in Christiansburg. I cooked beef stew and chicken rice by microwave, only 90seconds! Wow.. I felt the great power of microwave, the progress of technology, innovation.
Bamboo bike laughed at me and said "Have you time-slipped from 19th?"

I watched football game on TV and checked weather news. It will rain aorund hera and Buchanan from afternoon. I decided to start early morning to avoid rain, wet, and not to be a "wet rat".
I slept early on the bed without dinner(I did not feel hungry). Bed was not soft, it was not like as a bed in Hampton Hotel, but I could slept very well, maybe I can sleep well anywhere without at Gunnison, and at Bob Scott campground.. Good night, my family, my friends, everyone, and bamboo bike.
During this trip, I am writing some reports of Samurai, which I think, I feel, I believe. Samurai reports of Samurai!

Takashi 2010/11/22 @Christiansburg

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