November 14, 2010

11/14 Bardstown

11/14 Fine day, from Falls of Rough to Bardstown, 95miles

I woke up 3:30a.m. started to cook breakfast outside, 2 deer hunters prepared for hunting. I cooked 3packs oatmeal, bread with peanuts butter. We started 5:00a.m. Around here and there it was still dark and somewhere I could see fog. We encountered many cars of deer hunters.

When I passed White Mills which was a small town, I noticed a trouble of my right-front bag(pannier). I noticed screw which attached right-front carrier with right front fork was cracked. I could not carry front bag attached with right-front carrier, I decided if I carry right-front bag by hand or if I put it on the sleeping bag. I decided that I put it on the sleeping bag, I remembered 2 ropes which were not use now. I binded bag with sleeping bag by using 2 ropes. I was lucky to have ropes. If I did not have those ropes... Oops, I may I must drop some equipments or carry bag by hand while riding long way. I was very lucky. I need to repair right-front carrier, if I can I want to repair before we pass the Appalachians. Because there are bike shop in Berea which is open Tue, (Monday is closed), I am planning we will go bike shop in Berea on Tue.

In Sonora I ate the second breakfast, 2 bread with peanuts butter and energy bar. My legs were sore, but I fekt it was good for me. Today we could run 95miles, it was good practice/ rehabilitation before the Appalachians.

Today was very beautiful, gentle slopes of hills were spreading broadly such like a green wave of sea. There were many corn fields which were already harvested, these were brilliant like a golden sand in desert of Arabian night. Cows sometimes stopped eating, gazed at us. There were some small ponds which color ware green, brown.

Before arriving at Bardstown(89miles), I dropped by grocery store, and ate a sandwich and talked the staff of the store, she was a college student, we talked about Japan, coin, culture, deer hunting, bamboo and many thing. At that time I was taught by her that my watch was 1 hour later.

Because I felt hungry much I ate dinner in restaurant, "Kurtz restaurant".. I ordered "Kentucky traditional foods". I ate fried chicken, beets, gravy, and pie as a dessert. Very good, particular I like beets. Fried chicken...Kentucky traditional foods...I see, Kentucky fried chicken. There are many store chain of KFC in Japan. Additional I drank beer "Miller Lite" tonight. And I saw booklet on which one sentence was written, "Kentucky bourbon trail".  Kentucky....  basketball, horse racing, bourbon, fried chicken, fried turkey, roller coaster road, chasing dog, deer hunting, bike I am studying.

"Beer blog"
Miller Lite:  light taste/ clear taste, not creamy, not darker, like bud, coors, busch.

Recently, on the way, I often think about myself, several luckies surround me. I am feeling these luckies are not mine, someone/ something I can not realize gives me. I often think of Jesus, God, I think I should read Bible. We stayed at Old Bardstown Inn tonight. The Appalachians was coming closely, It was a little bit cold outside. Tomorrow I plan to go to Harrodsburg, Good night.
Takashi 2010/11/14@Bardstown,KY


  1. hello

    I am not the god but come here^^. You seemed to run about 100kilometers a day yesterday. It sounds good distance for your practicing.

    About me I have jogged 5~10 kilometers a day for fifteen years. So I think I have jogged about 20,000kilometers in total...

    I took part in Kyoto City Half Marathon nine times, but it is a pity that the race was over because of financial difficulties in Kyoto City.

    But I am quite a fun runner so I jog at 9kilometer/hour. I have jogged almost all every day.

    Why jogging? I will tell you next.

    Any Why NZ, because he coincidently contacted me the other day.


  2. So sorry for my late response, wow, great, you are strong runner!