November 28, 2010

11/26 Twin Oaks Community(2)

11/26, Cloudy day, visited Twin Oaks Community, tyo inspired!

Twin Oaks community,

This journey was guided adventure by something, I felt so.
I felt happy and miracle to visit this Twin Oaks Community, small but sustainable, there was something valuable, inspired in this community and there were wonderful people who have own belief, passion. Definitely, bamboo bike2 also must felt so today.

This community is located near Louisa, VA, and 92 adults and 10 children live, helping each other, doing business by themselves, sharing profit of their business, sharing some property (10 refrigerators, 10 stove2, 20 cars, 2kitchens, foods) and has been builting community by themselves. They are pioneer with high green conscious, sustainablity. They make a living in community to make hammocks, chairs, tofu, vegetables, eggs, meats in community, I saw some guys were making hammocks by handmade, and making tofu. I ate delicious eggs, breads, vegetables, tofu, miso soup, rice, and pumpkin pie which they make by themselves in community. I pushed trucks to a house, molded some cardboard boxes, ate dinner and talked, with them.

Leaving bike shop, bamboo bike2 and I visited this community. I have not known about this community since visiting, but as I was talking to them and seeing their life, gradually I had understood what this community was. They were very friendly and got interested in bamboo bike. At dinner time, bamboo bike2 stood in the center of between kitchen and dinning, was talked , was touched, was lifted up by some people. Bamboo bike2 seemed so happy to meet the people in Twin Oaks community, I felt. Of course I was happy. There was 2 kitchens in community, one was for breakfast or free time foods, another was for lunch and dinner. At lunch is held at noon and dinner is held at 6:00p.m. everyday, at that time almost people in community gather, eat, talk, and enjoy themselves together. The kitchen for lunch and dinner was called ZK, big building, inside was very warm by heat which woods were burned into. The other buildings also had own name, and inside were very warm by heat woods burned. We had great time with them at dinner. After dinner I worked molding cardboard boxes to pack tofu with some guys and ladies. I enjoyed working.

Tofu which is made here was a little hard for me, Japanese. In Japan mainly 2 different type of tofu there are, one is "Kinukoshi", another is "Momen". "Momen" is harder than "Kinukoshi", but tofu made here was harder than "Momen" and less water included. But taste was good. Interesting.

After working I drank local beer with David, and talked about sustainability, Japan, trip, what I miss now. Beer was local brewery, "Starr Hill", I was glad to meet this local brewery. What I miss now?.. yes, it is Japanese foods, foods mother cooks and aunt cooks. Particular I want to eat "Udon" , a kind of noodle, now. I wrote beer blog.

"Beer Blog"
Starr Hill;
local brewery in Charlottesville, VA
First taste is light, middle taste is light, but after taste is strong, piercing to stomach gently. Gradually be intoxicated. I felt as if head was swinging...Oops... it is good beer to sleep well before crash..

After drinking Starr Hill, I did not remember what I did well at that night. But I remembered the warmth of bed, and the beauty of the stars of chilly night such like the eyes of David and Maggie and the people in Twin Oaks Community who have own belief, passion, enthusiasm. It was getting cold around here. Good night.

Takashi 2010/11/26 @Twin Oaks Community, Louisa, VA

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