November 7, 2010

11/6 @Golconda

11/6 Fine day @Golconda, 0miles

Photo by Ben Walker "Ohio river" @Golconda

I woke up 8:00a.m  Ate Corn chex with 2%milk as breakfast, I went to the office, one of Ben's apartment, bamboo bikes are stocked to adjust soma parts which are not broken on my bamboo bike with another bamboo bike of my friend, Ben Strong.

・Bamboo bike1,mine,frame size 52, broken, some parts can be used,
→ exchange some  parts with bamboo bike 2,
・Bamboo bike2,Ben strong, my friend, frame size 56 → after exchanging I will ride on!

I exchanged seat post, saddle. Though I tried to exchange whole wheels, tire, fork hundlebar, I could not exchange these parts, because I was lack of knowledge and skill to exchange these parts, these parts were connected to chain, brake caliper, durailleur. So it was diffilcult to exchange and adjust. I decided to ask bike shop near Golconda.

Ben Walker helped me. He searched bike shop in Paducah "BIKEWORLD", and called Cathy, Mike to take me to there. I arrived at BIKEWORLD, carried broken bamboo bike and bamboo bike2.
The staffs were friendly, kind to me and bamboo bike. I ordered exchange wheel, tire, hundelebar, chain, brake caliper, durailleur. I did not know whether all of these parts could be exchanged well, but the staffs said that "OK, try!" and said "this was the first time to treat bamboo bike". One of cutomer looked bamboo bike and said "pretty". Bamboo bike was happy. I will pick up bamboo bike2 next Monday.

In this shop there were many stylish bikes, made from full carbon, full-titanium, hybrid carbon and titanium. I talked to them about the cost of bike, shape of bike, each material feature of bike.

I want to keep studying about these bike frame building, /shape /design /geometry /physics /aero dynamics /metarial engineering. This is my dream, to make original bamboo bike frame by myself by using Japanese bamboo , and travel with all over continents! Keep Going!

Mike and Tori arrived, took me to Ben's home in Golconda.
We talked about "deer hunt". In Japan hunting( Hunting is "Kari", in Japanese) is not popular, only a few people do. I never heard about "deer hunt" in Japan, in Japan, a few people hunt "bird", "wild boar"I don't know whether deer is hunt in Japan. "Deer is "Shika" in Japanese)  I heard about bow, they use bow in deer hunt. And smell, the difference between male and felmale, taste of deer, and coldness. They wait coming deer in the mindnight, early morning in such cold night...about 30degree... Great, all things about hunting were interesting, I felt strength and wildness of American people. America is great.

After saying bye-bye to Mike and Tori, thank you Mike and Tori, 
I ate dinner with Ben and Hiro. Ben cooked rice, chicken, pasta, tomato. Delicious! Menu are all Ben's original. He should open restaurant.

Court house in Golconda (taken by Ben Walker)

Today I was interviewd from TV crews both United State and  Japan in BIKEWORLD, Paducah.
It was "Cross cultural interview" Amazing. I was happy to talk about bamboo / bamboo bike / neglected bamboo forest problem in Japan / my company, Bamboo Samurai/. Because to spread these bamboo issues in United States is one of my objects of this trip.
My video will on TV, WPSD, NewsChannel6, soon(maybe next week). Please check!

D.J. was unique cat, he came to me closely, and stand his tail toward to me. Pretty cat.

P.S. My digital camera does not work well by the impact of accident. Bokeh often occurs. (Bokeh is Japanese word about photograph, it means that the focus of the camera lens does not encounter the object.)

Takashi 2010/11/6 @Golconda

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