November 4, 2010

11/4 @Golconda

11/4, Fine day, from St.Louis to Golconda, 0mile

I woke up 6:00a.m.
After checking e-mail, I went to the lobby of this motel to drink free-coffee, some talk to staff of motel about bamboo.

I went to eat breakfast in Golden Pancake. Because this morning I felt a little bit full, I ordered 3 pancake only, and ate. Tasted very good as usual. Eating pancake as a breakfast is good experience for me, because in Japan we eat pancake as a dessert after lunch or dinner.

After breakfast I came back to my room and prepared for departure. Today I left this motel in St.Louis and moved to Golconda with my frined, Ben Walker and his mother,Joy.  Golconda, which is a old town in southern Illinois.

Finishing preparation, I went to John L Brown Park and walk half an hour. There were no one, I just only walked around this big park. It was great feeling.

Ben and his mother arrived at 8:30a.m. at motel, we went to hospital in St.Louis to check Joy's condition. In hospital there were some stores, selling glasses, clothes, it was unique for me. In Japan I have never seen such stores in hospital.

We drove to Golconda, dropped by "Old Navy", drinking "Mccafe".
We arrived at Golconda in the evening. It was quite. Golconda itself is whole historic site, here was historic place, used to be the stage of War between the States. Ohio river runs along Golconda. I saw Ohio river for the first time, it was big and quiet. I could saw a few lights floating on this big river, maybe it was ship. Ship used to be moving through this big river long long ago.
A little bit, but I felt "the stream of history" along which the river has run thorough since long long time ago. I felt nostalgia to visit such this memorial town.

I will home-stay at Ben's house for some days since today.  Ben is friendly and always helps me. Here in Golconda I will wait for another bamboo bike of my friend in San Francisco and prepare for the rest of trip, recover my leg condition. At his house I met Ben's sister, B.J and her 2 kids, and D.J.,pretty cat. Ben's room was very stylish, cross-cultural. In his room I saw one splendid painting (I love this painting very much)  which was painted on Japanese silk, in some parts gold was used. This painting is very valuable. Great.

And there are 2 lights painted bamboo in his room, (Cho-chin, called in Japan) I felt calm, peace.
Furthermore, Ben likes cooking and cooked very well. He cooked for Joy and me, sweet potato, chicken, steamed broccori and carrot. It tasted great, he is a good chef.   Takashi 2010/11/4@Golconda


  1. Hi Takashi

    You are lucky since Ben's family and him are good persons.Please take a rest.

    Me, I am going to my home and might to talk to a guy who lives on a bicycle shop in NZland about mama chari business.

    I am an English learner so I manage to learn and think of anything in English everyday while I live as usual.

    Anyway, please take a rest at Golconda for a while.

    see you


  2. Thanks,
    your English is good.
    Takashi 2010/11/5