November 2, 2010

11/2 @St.Louis

11/2 Fine day, @St.Louis, 0miles

This morining I woke up 6:00a.m.
Sky was clear, felt a little chilly, but nice sky, I saw strange clouds this morning.

I went to restaurant to eat breakfast, ate 3 pancakes, 1 omlet.
It was big and delicious, I liked foods of this restaurant more than "Subway".

After breakfast I practiced walking and did some mustle training in a big park,"John L Brown Park, near restaurant for an hour. I walked around park three times, and used a few machines. Now I felt difficulty to bend and move left leg, but it will be getting better by using leg. Sometimes in front of me, a squirrel moved to tree quickly.

After practice, I came back to my room, pasted ointment to some wounded places.
At day I spent almost time in room, and used laptop.
I made 2 sheets for the meeting with insurance company tomorrow, broken equipments sheet and injury sheet.
And I adjusted about the "shipping" of another bamboo bike of my friend's with Ben strong and Bamboosero staff.
Now in our plan another bamboo bike will arrive at Golconda where is a city near Goreville, my accident place, on next Tuesday, Nov 9.
And in our plan, I will come back on the road on Nov 11 with bamboo bike!

In the evening, I practiced walking and streched mustle for an hour.
After that I went to same restaurant as breakfast, "Golden Pancake" near St.Louis airport, ate chicken, mashed potato, corn with cream sauce, and chili soup. Good tasted.
At night I wrote thesis of university a little bit, I am late for writing, so I must find time to write at my best and catch up my classmates.
In United States today was election day, Nov 2, When I thought about this, I felt that I was far apart from Japanese politics issues for long time. 2 month.... it is often short, sometimes long for me. In the sky I heard the big sound of airplane. Where was that plane aim for? To Japan? I did not know. I aim to New York.

Takashi 2010/11/2 @St.Louis

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