November 22, 2010

2 Bamboo Fish appear in a pond

We have already run 3639.8miles (6,066km) in United States and 1,380miles (2,300km) in Japan this year with bamboo bike. The remaining distance is 816.2miles (1,360km). Now when I am biking with bamboo bike2 on the road, various scenes appear one after another in my head, as if I were with everyone whom I met in this trip, as if I heard their voices closely, and clearly. Feeling happiness, feeling gratitude, feeling nostalgia. 2 Bamboo fish appeared today, because we passed the transit point, 8,000km (8,366km, total). The last bamboo fish will appear on Dec 1st, at Wrightsville, PA. The final destination is coming.

 Takashi 2010/11/21 @Wytheville

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