October 31, 2010

Bamboo particle

Today I want to introduce about one the way to use bamboo, this way is on going activity in Japan.
In Japan, there are bamboo forests, the area is about 16,000ha, about 1% of total forests in Japan.
You may feel it is little area, but now it is spreading, encoroaching the other plantations. Some of bamboo forests are neglected and causes some harms.
That is a social problem, "Neglected bamboo forests",
I want to contribute to raise awareness and to solve this problem.

bamboo is strong, but cut into particles, now in Japan bamboo can be uset in many cases. Bamboo has many good effects for us. I think it is possibility including secret effect whihc is not yet founded by anyone.
Maybe panda already knows!

And bamboo grows very fast, it takes about 3 ~ 5 years to grow up throughly. So we use bamboo product, we will contribute to Nature, Environmental, build sustainable society, green society.

1. Bamboo Fiber; it is used to make bamboo paper, bamboo wear.
                   Kagoshima-prefecture, Tyuetsu pulp and paper.co, ,i-bamboo
2. Bamboo supplement: it is used to some supplement for human beings, it includes some minerals, and vitamins.
                    Marudai iron factory (Marudai Tekkoh)
3. Bamboo  fertilizer: it is used to as a fertilizer to feed some vegetables, egg plants, tomatoes, or something.

Takashi 2010/10/30@Heartland Regional Medical Center


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  2. o-i!!kega siterujanaika!
    muriha yokunaizo.
    karadano guaiha dounannda?
    saityarennji ha itudemo dekiru.
    monndai nai nara tabiwo tudukerukotomo
    iidarou ga jibun no karada ga itiban daijidato
    iukotowo wasurerunayo.
    nihon kara ouen siteiru.

  3. Hi, Kosugi,
    My best friend!

    Sinpai kakete sumanai
    kimikarano kotoba ha naniyori no kusuri dayo
    sinpai nai
    tabi ha tudukerare sou da
    kikoku sitara nomi ni ikoze!
    sigoto ha jyuntyo-ka?
    kanojo to ha umaku iteruka?
    kangae sugi ha yoku nai ze
    otagai ganba rou

    Matsumoto 2010/11/1 sento luisu