October 27, 2010

Re-planning the schedule

I re-planning our schedule with bamboo bike just now.

But now I am contacting  with an air-ticket company whether I can change the flight date back to Japan a few days later. If I can change, I will change the flight date from 21 Nov to 23, 24 or 25 Nov.
Due to the decision about this changing bamboo bike and I will be hurry more in some areas ( between Berea - Buckhorn -Hindman, Lexington - Charlottesville - Mineral, or Philadelphia - Princeton - New York) or we will change the date of staying, at Baltimore, or somewhere. Sorry for changing the schedule again and again.

 Takashi 2010/10/27 @Farmington


  1. Takashi - Ben Strong showed me his bamboo bicycle at Stanford. I admire your determination to ride across North America. Gambatte kudasai! Elizabeth Sutton Benefiel, who lived and taught in Hongkong as a VIA volunteer during the summer of 1972, welcomes you to her / our home in Kensington, Maryland, when you arrive near Washington, D.C., during November. We have three live cats, so I hope you are not allergic to their fur.
    Although I am now on the Stanford campus in California, I plan to return to Kensington on Nov. 1 and expect to greet you, and perhaps ride my bicycle with you down to the National Mall of Washington, D.C., on Saturday, Nov. 13. I hope you will keep yourself safe and healthy during your bicycle ride and I look forward to reading more about your service learning project and cause.

  2. Dear Mike,
    Great to hear from you and I am happy to make acquaintance with you, and thank you so much for hosting me in Washington D.C. I am looking forward to seeing you, biking with you.
    P.S. I am not allergic to any animals, any foods.
    maybe, I am allergic to Thunderstorm in Missouri.

    Takashi with bamboo bike 2010/10/28@Murphysboro