October 26, 2010

10/26 Farmington ~Thunderstorm trouble~

10/26 Cloudy / Fine day, from Black River to Farmington, 31.5miles

Today, I experienced nightmare three times, and happy time one time.

In the early morning, around 4:20a.m. Suddenly I heard the heavy sounds of rain, it was hard rain with lightning flash. Some of rain penetrated into lodge throught window.
Oops!... I was isolated in lodge.
"If this hard rain continued, bamboo bike and I were dipped in the water of rain in this lodge." I thought so suddely when I saw the water penetared into this lodge, I was afraid. I made efforts to close the window thoroughly but the window did not move at all.
Oh, I prayed. If the rain was penetrated much in lodge, I decided that I would go out to run outside toward
the campground's owner's office(I did not know the owner lived there)

A half an hour passed, rain did not stopped, but whne an hour passed, sounds of rain were getting weak, and stopped. Thuderstorm passed over here....huh..

I thought that Thunderstorm may come around here again, so I decided that we wait for till 8:00a.m. and if the office of campground opened I would interview with the owner about the weather of today, and check the weather news on TV in the office.Though 8:00a.m. came, office did not still opened. I looked at the whole sky.... the sky in south was a little bit clear, and the dark clouds moved to north fast. All right, I thought, I forecasted that it will be fine, thundertorm moved to north. At onece I prepared for travel, packed panniers with bamboo bike.  
That was the first nightmare of today.

We start biking. But I could not give the pedal to bamboo bike well today, bamboo bike hardly went ahead.
Without breakfast? This was the reason? or Being tired of legs? I did not know. In my heart I pedaled to the best, but bamboo bike could hardly go ahead... The dogs attacked us as usual. Hills appeared in front of us one by one continuously. I went going insane gradually...
In my heart I said to myself "Be cool, be smart, be cool." But I could not control myself well, I felt the heat of body, I wore off rain jacket. I decided to drop by the store to eat some food in Bismark which was a small town. And I must send letters to Japan which I wrote yesterday night in the post office.
That was the second nightmare of today.

I ate 3 eggs omlets with 2 breads, 3 cups of coffee. I recovered myself and got a little bit energy. I could pedal well. But the next stress came over me, on the Hwy 32, there were many glasses, continuous big bumps on the side of the road. And the dogs attacked us, lost my way 3 times.
I went insane again.
That was the 3rd nightmare of today.

But nightmare did not continue.
On the way of Pimville road to Farmington, bamboo bike and I met Doug Moore. He also were biking, and very kindly to guide us to the Farmington together. I was very happy and recovered myself. Doug rode on aluminum bike, trained for triathlon. We talked about bamboo, tiathlon, dog, Missouri, United states, each other, bike, family. Nice talking. And in lunch, he invited me to the good Thai restaurant in Farmington.
I ate good Thai foods. And there we saw Chinese bamboo chopsticks, and I used these. Good! I was happy and hoped that green conscious were getting higher all over the world such like this. After lunch he guided the location  of library and bike-hostel,"Al's place" , too. Thank you so much, Doug, I never forget your kindness.
That was the happy time of today.

We stayed at pretty good bike hostel, which was prepared for cyclist who traveled on TransAmerica route
by the Farmington city.

I thought such this service were so great that cyclists were very helped. And this service were good promotion for Farmington city and Missouri.In 2010 here in Missouri, Tour of Missouri was held. Missouri was good and tough stage for biking. I think so much except the dogs, crazy big truck / truck drivers.

I ate dinner outside, cooked 2 ramen, red beans with rice, a cup of coffee. Bamboo bike and I stayed at "Al's place" tonight. And I must re-schedule our plan soon. The schedule were getting tight because of Thunderstorm / storm in Missouri. But I never give up, because I am Bamboo Samurai, I will sure to accomplish this trip and our nine statesment. "Bamboo" ,  Good night.

Takashi 2010/10/26 @Farmington

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