October 17, 2010

10/17 Larned

10/17 from Bazine to Larned 53.5miles

Today was Sunday, so we ate breakfast late, at 9:00a.m.
We ate "Corn bread" and baked apples, and boiled eggs. I ate 5 pieces of corn breads and 1 baked apple and 3 boiled eggs and drank 2 cups of soy milk and 1 cup of apple juice and 2 cup of coffee. A lot of energy!

Delicious! Elaine cooked very well, and she taught me about many things, about Kansas, about America, Obama.
I talked about bamboo socks and wear to Elaine, Dan, the boss of restaurant, some people in Kansas, people in Kansas (now) did not know about bamboo fiber. But I realized bamboo floor was getting popular around here. I hope the movement of bamboo occur in many states in US, Japan, all over the world.

Bamboo bike and I said bye-bye to Elaine and Dan and dogs. I am feeling the dog is the special for Americans.
And I see many advertisements for "Green" in US. For example, cap of soy milk. The color is green, it means contribution for green planet. I think green conscious of American is very high.

We start biking at 10:00pm. Passed vast plain, sometimes we heard the song of birds. Wind blew against us, but today bamboo bike did not complain. We arrived at Larned 2:00p.m. I filled diesel into can in gas station. It cost only 36cents! Very reasonable!

In Kansas, there is a high tower in each town. So that is a sign, there is a town! It is simple formula.

When I found a high tower over there,
The town would appear soon! I heard from Elaine that the tower was an inventory for wheat. And near the tower, there was a railroad for transportation. I see. I realized what the long long train carried which I saw in the east of Colorado. And I was surprised that there were many oil wells in Kansas, and oil machine business was developed here in Kansas.

Tonight bamboo bike and I home stayed at the garden of Kathy's house who was a friend of Elaine. We were very helped. I checked the frame of bamboo bike, whether the crack occurred. The result was all right! Great!

Takashi 2010/10/17 @Larned

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