October 18, 2010

10/18 Hutchinson

 10/18 Fine day, form Larned to Hutchinson, 72miles

Yesterday night bamboo bike stayed at the lawn space in Kathy's house in Larned, talked Nicolas, young boy, 5 years old about game, school.

Early morning, Takashi was woken by stray cat at 3:00a.m....but mediation continued..Takashi waked up at 4:30a.m. and cooked breakfast. I do not have a tent... have a sleeping bag and a bivy sacks, so sometimes strangers have visited to my small place.l

Breakfast: Oatmeal, ramen, banana.

Bamboo bike departed from Kathy's house at 6:00. Kathy's family did not awake yet, so we could not say bye-bye. But thank you so much to our heart. We took great rest, nice talking. and stray cat alarm clock at your home!

We dropped by "Qwickshop"(This is a name of gas station shop around here) in Larned, and used restroom, start biking at 6:20a.m. Bamboo bike and I passed thorough via Hwy 19,local road and Hwy 96. On the way, early morning in the dark, head light did not work suddenly, so we hoped sunrise earlier,
Today we could not see sunrise, sun already rose up during climb small hill, but beautiful.
Around here, it was warm. When we passed the local road, there were little cars. There we saw tall wheat fields like basketball players for the first time. We were happy to see them. Green, brown, golden, yellow colors, and many songs of birds. I bought 6 batteries for head light for bamboo bike at the grocery store in Nickerson which is a small town on the Hwy 96, and we talked to the staff about bamboo for some time, showed her bamboo bike. She said to bamboo bike " Pretty", "This color was pretty".  Bamboo bike seemed a little bit shame, and the color of bamboo frame turned a little bit red at that time, I felt. She showed me the right way to Hutchinson,

We arrived at Hutchinson at 0:00, met Jason and Kalene in front of their house, they were our host today, thank you so much. They have 4 kittens and some cats and dog.
We went to restaurant to eat lunch, BBQ. These were a kind of fast foods but tasted good, recovered energy. Hutchinson was a big city, pop is about 40,000, there were many shops in town.

In Kansas, sometimes strong wind blew, today form North-east, pretty strong wind blew. But we have already experienced such strong wind at the climb of Great Basin National park, so strong wind was not bad, cool off our bodies, and around here strong wind were used as an electricity to gather oil, "windmill". Thinking dual, gives us peace!

Tonight I participated in an interview with VIA programs. Though I am very poor at speaking and hearing English, so I could not tell my opinions well, I was happy to talk them for some time and very proud of myself to get such chance to talk them.  If the god of bamboo will give me a chance to do a job with VIA program2011 this year, this will be a great gift for me! I want to do this job.

Inside Jason and Kalene's house, it was very fashionable, on the wall, some sentences were written and some trees were drawn, lights were pretty, on the ceiling unique decorations there were, and the floor.....   was made from bamboo! Bamboo bike jumped with great joy higher than on the great bumpy road of Meridan Rd from Colorado Springs to Pueblo.  Kalene painted and designed by herself!
And now they are making upstairs, they are making inside house by themselves!
With Jason's parents, Jason's brother, and friend, and Jason and Kalene, I ate dinner.
past, bread, salads, desert! Delicious!

Takashi 2010/10/18 @Hutchinson

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