October 23, 2010

10/23 Bamboo paper

10/23 Tornado and Thunderstorm came here

Now in Japan, some new activities to use Japanese bamboo are now tried by some companies and municipal offices / cities / prefectures (like state in United States) /.

One  of them, "bamboo paper"

Today I want to introduce this product.
Bamboo paper is made from really bamboo. Bamboo is cut slightly by machine and made into paper using bamboo fiber. In Japan Chuetsu pulp and paper.co  and Kagoshima prefecture are  grappling with this bamboo paper business.  I visited Kagoshima prefecture and interviewed with staff in Aug 2010. Now Kagoshima prefecture are grappling with controlling and developing bamboo forests for making bamboo paper and  estimating the expense for sustaining such bamboo forests experimentally with some companies. It is interesting activity. I hope it works well. And the price of bamboo paper are 20% higher than ordinary paper. The price contains the cost of cutters / exchange cutters of machine and logging and transportation cost. It is called social cost.

It may be difficult to decrease cost of cutter / exchange cutter cost because of the strength of bamboo. I hope the experimental farm of bamboo works well. I think it is important to find originality of using Japanese bamboo, We Japanese need to raise awareness about the social cost of using Japanese bamboo and sustaining ecosystem  in Japan.

In this trip I am using note with bamboo paper. This paper contains 100% Japanese bamboo, Chuetsu pulp and paper.co made this.
It is smooth to write and to touch. And it is strong not to be torn easily as well as ordinary paper.    Takashi 2010/10/23 @Marshfield

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