October 20, 2010

10/19 Cassoday

10/19 Cloudy day, from Hutchinson to Cassoday 84miles
I wake up 5:00a.m. and prepared for trip, and check e-mail.
I ate breakfast which Jason cooked with Jason and kalene.
scramble eggs, 2 sausages, 2 breads, and juice! very nice.

Bamboo bike and I said bye-bye to Jason and Kalene, Thanks so much! I stayed at your home as if I stayed at my house. And kittens were very pretty so I felt very relax when I saw those kittens.

We started biking 7:45a.m.
Around Medora, we saw "Bridge out".  Oh! road were closed.
We searched another route, there we met an old gentleman.
He guided us the right way to Buhler, to Hesston which were the city on the way of today.
Thanks, kind Kansas man! We were lucky!

Along the way we heard many voices of insects, and saw green, sometimes golden field. Comfortable wind sometimes blew up on my face and the body of bamboo bike. We felt nice, felt nostalgia, I remember the  field in a hometown, Osaka and Kagoshima. I felt the sense of fall, coming fall in Kansas. Nice.

We ate lunch on the way around Hesston, some breads with peanuts butter.

We arrived Cassoday which is a small town, maybe 20-30homes, I thought. We stayed at small city park where I could get water. I cooked dinner, 2 Ramens, rice, a cup of coffee. In Kansas, I regret that we could hardly meet and talk to someone. In Cassoday I felt that I wanted to talk about bamboo. In Cassoday, sometime, maybe one time per hour train accoross this small town with big sounds. After dinner I read book "Ultimate high" which Brian gave me in Denver for some time.
In the midnight, sometimes train went by with big sounds. I was woken, saw the beautiful stars, but tonight there were less stars in the whole sky, I did not know why, but beautiful. And I saw big moon. Around my sleeping bag, it was bright because of the moonlight. In a small town, big sound of train, less stars, bamboo bike. I saw bamboo bike near me, the frame made from bamboo were shinning by moonlight. Silence came here again. But some minutes late, train would come accross with big sound. Good sleep. Tomorrow bamboo bike and I must run 98miles to Chanute,KS.

Takashi 2010/10/19 @Cassoday

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