October 9, 2010

10/9 Dream come true!

10/9 Fine day, 4miles from South Logan street to Lakewood in Denver

Bamboo bike stayed at Kristen & Brian and Bohdi's house in Denver for 2days, took great  rest, went hiking with many international students, talked about art&trip,  read poem, nice dinner, warm shower, bike fix, beer blog(some beers), whiskey! Bamboo bike will never forget these time in Denver with them. Thanks!

Brain is an enthusiastic and unique painter, he is an artist. He expresses his passion for paintings and art using whole body action with music. I have never seen such energetic guy in my life. Bamboo bike was inspired much, so since today bamboo bike will run as if it were dancing, feeling energetic, not drinking beers! Bamboo bike was given energy from him much. Thanks!

My breakfast is Gyros with 2eggs, I ate Gyros for the first time, used sauce contained cucumber, it tasted nice!

There is a not forgotten times today for me, not bamboo bike. sorry.
In the Platte river, calm, clear, sound of streaming water, with 2 foxes in Colorado.
I felt breathe of Nature, (river, green trees rocks, leaves, bags)  inside my body, (heart, left hand) and my breathe.
Just today one of my dream come true!

I just did fly-fishing in Colorado, it was one of my dream.
Oh! River runs through me! not it! Just now! 2010/10/9 on Saturday!
1,2,3,4! with counting number in my head, my left hand was moving up and down.
I felt rhythm of my body sometimes of river, trees, rocks.
If I were in fantasy! Unbelievable! I got dream!

I could not get any fishes, but enjoyed fly-fishing for the first time. Today is memorial day in my life. When I came back to Japan I will practice fly-fishing and want to hear breathe of Nature again. Will I use bamboo fly-fishing rod? Of course!

Bamboo bike came back again with new tires and fixed brakes, gears. Bamboo bike felt as if it were in Santa Cruz, starting point. Since Monday bamboo bike will start biking again, just ready! Thanks bike shop!

Bamboo bike moved to Lakewood in Denver, and met Cuzy & Melissa again, was glad to see them again, Cuzy and Melissa whom bamboo bike met at Bryce Canyon National Park. Tonight we ate dinner in Italian restaurant. After dinner we talked much about journey, religion,  US and each other. Bamboo bike was helped by kind people such Cuzy ,  Kristen, Brian, Bohdi and relaxed today, too. Bamboo bike was happy surrounding good people and beautiful Nature in US.

 Takashi 2010/10/9 @Lakewood, Denver

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