October 17, 2010

10/17 bamboo socks

In this trip, I always wear bamboo socks. Bamboo socks are very good, now I am feeling. It is very smooth, like silk, And protect from bad smell.
I already traveled and stayed about 40days in US, Though I have washed bamboo socks only 2times I have not smelled from bamboo socks. As an experiment, I wore ordinary cotton socks for 10days non-wash in this trip, I smelled badly from cotton socks, but I did not smelled from bamboo socks. It is fact.  
So bamboo socks are pretty great.
In my field research in US, 
in California, bamboo socks were well known by people
but in Nevada, in Utah, in Colorado, in Kansas, almost people did not know about bamboo socks. We need to promote more.  
http://www.i-bamboo.com/  I made acquaintance with CEO of  i-bamboo in Japan trip with bamboo bike, i-bamboo is a bamboo company in Japan, and in Indonesia. These bamboo products are made in Indonesia.
Takashi 2010/10/17 @Larned  

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