October 15, 2010

10/15 Scott city

10/15 Fine day, from Eads to Scott city, 105miles
Bamboo bike put the pedals on the land of Kansas states for the first time with Takashi. Takashi wake up early, 4:00a.m. and prepared for our breakfast, oatmeals, and beef stew, and banana. We ate. And it is not so cold than in Colorado. We started biking at 5:30a.m. We met many big trucks, which were decorated by many splemdid lights, they were already driving. We respected them, they were driving still such this early morning, for themselves, for thier families, for their lovers! And almost they were so kind that they avoid us on the road. We felt good and were riding under the whole sky filled with many stars and half of moon.

Bamboo bike and I saw big fire in the dark, strange sounds sang their song around there," tu-tu-tu-tu-tu-tu", those sound continuously....  There wes a big machine for stricking wheats, which energy was supplied by petroleum. I heard about this machine from David Cuzy in Lakewood,Denver. Wow! Beautiful! In the dark, simple sound, big fire, I felt as if I were in the old age.
In Kansas, we saw vast field, on the left side, there was a vast green filed that was spreading, and on the right side, there was golden field. Maybe, corn farm, melon farm, those were already logged. But beautiful! I never seen such vast field in Japan. Kansas was so big that I felt I was very small man in this field. Bamboo bike was enjoying surrounded by all green plants.

In Sheridan Lake,Co, bamboo bike and I were attacked by a dog. The dog roared and ran toward us, wow! Escape!!

We ran fast, faster, fastest! But the dog ran following us, too. At once in my heart, fighting spirits occured, that was big fire, so I used my legs while riding. Kick! Kick! Kick! as if I were Bruce Lee!

I won against the dog. Samurai must not escape, should finght!

We arrived at Tribune, KS 10:00a.m, had lunch, and stated riding. From Tribune to Scott city strong wind came from south, all time. On the way, we saw 33 wind turbins. But bamboo bike complaint " I was not a wind turbin".....

Well, my forehead was bitten by something yesterday night, red ant? bee? warm? I did not know. But it may not red ant, I knew such pain, but .....pain....slighty pain...  
Bamboo bike and I will stay at City Park in Scott city. Tonight something will happen? not happen? I do not know, God of bamboo only knows. "No more red ant!"   Takashi 2010/10/15 @Scott city

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