October 8, 2010

10/6 Silverthorne

10/6 Rainy day sometimes cloudy, from Poncha Springs to Silverthorne, 95.5miles

Bamboo bike started early morning and ran 95.5miles via route Hwy 285, Hwy9, Hoosier Pass(11,539ft, the Continental Divide) and Dillon Dan Rd.
In the early morning bamboo bike saw Mt.Antero(14,269ft) and Mt.Princeton(14,197ft) the left side of Hwy285, both 2 high Mt. turn red, a little bit pink shinned by rising sun. That is beautiful scenery and relax Takashi's mind.

passed Fairplay, Alma, Brikenridge, and climbed Rocky Mt again, passed Hoosier Pass(11,539ft), bamboo bike was happy to pass the big pass, (the Continental Divide) twice times in one trip.  And went downhill, bamboo bike arrived at Silverthorne.

Bamboo bike home stayed at Ben Young's house with his wife and 2 daughters, Scott, Reid, Horry and 5 dogs. In front of his house there are 2 high Mountains, Mt.Buffalo and Mt.Red. Bamboo bike ate dinner, traditional Irish food and had enjoyable time with them. Bamboo bike realized that people in Colorado are like fishing, skiing,biking and dogs. That's good related to Nature. Ben worked at Global Travel Health http://www.globaltravelhealth.com/ and he used to be a member of US National competitive race team(Keirin). He is super athlete. And his daughter Erin new-opend her Coffee and tea shop at Silverthorne,"RED BUFFALO". I hope her success. I like starting up business. It is tough but exciting. http://www.redbuffalocafe.com/

And at his house, one of his room, there was a wall for rock climbing on which some friends of him all over the world signed their own name. So Bamboo Samurai signed on that wall! Memorial day for bamboo bike and me.

Bamboo bike relaxed and was happy to have warm shower, warm dinner and to meet warm family in such this beautiful place surrounded by Nature, Silverthorne. Good sleep....  Thanks!   Takashi 2010/10/6 Silverthorne,CO

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