October 4, 2010

10/2 Telluride ~ wthat a beautiful city ~

10/2 Fine day, from Dolores to Telluride

I got up early morning 4:30a.m. Till early morning, the condition of stomach was too bad,.......uuuuu.... I thought because yesterday I drank water in restroom or water in the garden of campground in Dolores.....    OMG,,,,   painful.
Bamboo bike started 5:30a.m. but stopped many times and used restroom outside(restroom? it was outside...) painful.  I used 正露丸(SEIROGAN: most popular medicine for bad stomach).

On the way of uphill bamboo bike dropped by "Green Snow Oasis" to use restroom and drink a cup of coffee, met Gary and Tracy. They were very kind, Though I could not drink a cup of coffee,I used their restroom and refilled water and donated a few dollars. Gary said to me "So sorry, Drink a cup of coffee using these coins at Rico"  Oh!  Great people, Thanks so much. American is cool and has big spirits, I thought.

"Green Snow Oasis"
28434 Hwy145 Dolores,CO 81323
Cabins,  Hunting, Camping, Fishing, Dry RV camping, 970-562-7669

At Rico, bamboo bike drank a cup of coffee using dollars which Gary & Tracy gave me and ate blueberry bread and Brito. Bamboo bike met Mr.Snow there, he showed me the way in detail. He looked very handsome and Ray-ban sunglass suited him very well, cool! かっこいい!He said wheelchair which bike maker make is good, because suspension is very good. I see. I knew a lot. Thanks Rico, Mr.Snow.  And one of the guys knew about Bamboosero and Craig. Wow, I was happy and I realized Craig was famous. I was happy to meet Craig and talk to him a few minutes. I just want to be a frame-builder such Craig in the future. I will. Now was still bad condition of stomach.....

Gentle declivity continued 50miles. At the top of uphill was " Lizard head pass" (about 10 thousand feet)  Around there the leaves already turned yellow or red, it was gorgeous!

Bamboo bike arrived at Telluride, which was called "Hell you to ride".also...  haha.
Telluride!  What a beautiful town! I never seen such a beautiful town! Around the town, high mountains, and yellow leaves and red leaves and green leaves. The people there were very friendly. It was as if it were in fantasy!

Bamboo bike stayed at Town Park in Telluride. At the campground bamboo bike met Allen who came here to fishing.

Breakfast: 4 Oatmeals and 3 breads with strawberry jam
Lunch: Brito, Blueberry bread, coffee (thanaks Gary!)
Dinner: 2 Ramens and Spanisch rice, 2 bananas, coffee
Takashi 20101/10/2 @Telluride

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  1. Hey Takashi...how are you doing? My name is Aaron, not Allen. I met you at the campground in Telluride and I did not get to lift your bike to see how heavy it was. I really enjoyed the short moment to meet someone from another country out here in the wilderness. Your bike design is very cool. I woke up the next morning and you were already gone. It was ccccccold. Hope you make it safe to New York. A friend along the way. Aaron Tutt (aarontutt62@yahoo.com)