October 8, 2010

10/7 Denver ~ via the last big pass ~

10/7 Fine day, from Silverthorne to Denver, 70.0miles
Bamboo arrived at Denver which is the center point of this trip cross country in US today, via Hwy 6 and Hwy 40 and the Loveland Pass(11,990ft, the Continental Divide).

I ate breakfast, the first time Loco moco, traditinal Hawaiian traditinal breakfast which Ben cooked for me. 4 eggs, many SPUMs, rice and good soup! It tasted nice and got a lot of energy, maybe 1500 calories. I ate 2 Loco mocoes because it tasted so nice for me!

In the early morning on the top of Mt.Buffalo and Red, it snowed, sun shined the snow, we see golden color of snow with no sound.... gorgeous!

Bamboo bike ran smoothly because of Loco Moco, so could pass the Loveland Pass(11,992ft). Bamboo bike passed the Continental Divide, Rocky Mt, three times a trip. Bamboo liked the big pass?! On the top of Loveland Pass, the top of the mountains it snowed. I could not express the beauty of that scenery. I was so happy that I ate a little snow. it tasted umn...... a little bit nice but I like Loco Moco more than snow...!!

Via Hwy 40, it was a little bit complicated for bamboo bike but arrived at Denver, Oh, Denver, big town, a lot of cars, electric train, a lot of people, starbucks, many students..... since Sacramento CA?! Long no see such this big town. Bamboo bike stayed at Kristen and  Brian's house in Denver. Bamboo bike was send to the inventory of the bike shop in Denver to fix.(Change Tire, Brakes, adjustment) in 2 days....  Bamboo bike was lonely, Takashi left bamboo bike and ate dinner, chicken, tomatoes, breads, meat with Kristen & Brian and enjoyed much without bamboo bike...  sorry.

Additional thing Takashi went to Bar,"Hornet" with Kristen and watched the Ice Hockey 1st match in this season, with drink, without bamboo bike... bamboo bike was lonely in inventory of bike shop...    Takashi 2010/10/7 @Denver

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