October 31, 2010

10/28 Goreville

10/28 Fine day, from Chester via Murphysboro to Goreville, Fern Clyfee State Park, 76.5miles

Yesterday night I suddenly crushed...with non consciousness...because I drank "shot",Tequila. maybe...   But I had great sleep, thank you Billy and Tommy, thank you "shot".

I woke up 2:30 and wrote some sentenses for blog.
In my plan, today bamboo bike went to Murphysboro, but I felt we could go a little bite more farther. So I decided that we went to Goreville, and dropped by a library in Murphysboro and there I accessed internet, checked e-mail and posted diary up on blog, after that we started biking again aim to go Goreville. (It was 37.5miles from Murphysboro to Goreville.)
We started biking 5:45a.m, At Eagles in Chester, we had great time, they were all friendly, so kind to cyclist, got interested in activity in cyclist and bamboo bike. Thank you guys, Eagles, Chester city!

We went along the Mississippi river on Hwy3.
There were many big trucks on Hwy3, I felt some sense of danger, I thought we needed more sign or brightness, though bamboo bike was attached with one back light, luminant tape, and my helmet was attached one back light and wore luminant wear which David Cuzy gave me in Denver. I must think some way to light us up more, and should do that soon.

"The Illinois sunrise!"
we saw the sunrise in Illinois for the first time, this morning. Sun rose up 7:25 a.m. Beautiful!
Sunrise were always beautiful anywhere.

We arrived at Murphysboro 8:50a.m. Thogh we dropped by a library, library does not yet open, (would open from 10:00a.m.)  So we dropped by "Subway", ate breakfast, and talked to staff about our trip and bamboo bike. After that we went to post office and wrote letters to my parents. I wrote letters to my parents every states. In a library I could use wi-fi, so I used internet, checked e-mail, and posted diary up on blog. After that we went to Walmart store and bought some foods and energy bars.

We started biking again from Murphysboro, passed many small hills, up and down. We enjoyed biking. Though sometimes dogs attacked us, but I have already taken a somewhat endurance for barking dogs, I have already been accustomed to the barking dogs, I already have hardly felt mental stress from the dog's attack. Power up!

We arrived at Fern Clyfee State Park in Goreville, Illinois at 4:35p.m. Here was surrounded by many trees, there was a small pond in park, and there were some campground areas in this park. After arriving, I de-packed my panniers, and cooked dinner, ate 2 ramens, rice(chicken flavor) with tuna, and banana. 

It was getting colder around here. So I wore an additonal 1 clothe than usual. 

Tonight we stayed at campgroud at Fern Clyffe State Park in Goreville. There were no one around here in State Patk, I could see only fallen leaves and trees a, some of which turned red and the others already fell their leaves. I just alone. There were no light instruments. Sometimes I heard some barking of dogs. Getting cold, inside sleeping bag I felt a little bit cold. I must think some equipments / ideas to stay warm during sleeping soon because when I would go north, it may be colder than here. Good night. Tonight I lay on the table.

Takashi 2010/10/28 @Goreville

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