October 4, 2010

10/1 Dolores

10/1 Fine day, from Blanding to Dolores

Bamboo bike put his pedals on Colorado state for the first time. According to schedule, today I would go Dove Creek with bamboo bike, but I decided to go Dolores via Dove Creek, because I wanted to have more time to study how to make bamboo bike in Bamboobikestudio in Brooklyn, NY. Continuous 80miles over, so bamboo bike was tired but I was glad to get one day earlier than my schedule.

Breakfast: 4 oatmeals and 2 breads with strawberry jam, banana
Lunch: banana and 4 breads with strawberry jam
Dinner: Lasagna and Chinese soup with Bud and Coors

On the way, bamboo bike met Jim who are traveling form New Hampshire to San Diego.
Jim rode on Schwinn's titanium bike. Bamboo bike and I met titanium bike for the first time. It looked so light. Bamboo bike and I thought and realized that titanium bike was one of our rivals. Bamboo Samurai will make more attractive bamboo bike than the other material's bike, sure! We talked each other and exchange tour informations and had relaxed time.
 At the Dove Creek, bamboo bike met Larry and Amy after eating 2 corn dogs.They came from Idaho and Larry was bike-loving gentleman and very friendly. He said that one of his friends was caught by police by passing the car and over speed on the downhill! haha! OMG! Cool!  Tonight bamboo bike and I stayed at the campground "Cozy comfort" in Dolores.

 Takashi 2010/10/1@Dolores

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