October 13, 2010

10/12 Puelbo

10/12 Rainy day, from Colorado springs to Puelbo, 49.4miles

Early morning, I wrote my report of my bamboo trip to my professors of my university in Japan, (my friends said to me,"your trip is adventure, vacation. But I and bamboo bike replied ," not vacation, field working!"... I do not know which is right. The theme of my research is "Difficulty in starting up and growing up social enterprise". Just 5 hours I wrote, after I send to my professors by e-mail.

Bamboo bike said bye-bye to Ryan and Elisha, and stated biking in a cold and rainy day from 11:30a.m.. Bamboo bike passed the downtown in Colorado springs, sometimes lost way. In Fountain which is a town near Colorado springs, I ate 2 corn dog rolls and a bread and a tomato at 7 eleven.

Bamboo bike passed "Old pueblo road"and "Meridian road", and enjoyed bump with sliding rear tires. Sometimes bamboo bike went  insane and shout! " I am not a Mt.bike! and not a "4W-Quarts!" But enjoying biking was most important for me and bamboo bike. So I said to bamboo bike, " take it easy, enjoy biking!" But sometimes I felt pain of my hip.

The end of the "Meridian road" , it meant that the end of bumpy road, bamboo bike met Tom who were riding on mountain bike. We ran some miles together, and enjoyed biking.

Pueblo was a big town like Colorado Springs, and passed the 4th street, bamboo bike arrived at David's house whom I made acquaintance with via warmshower.com.
David was a chef, so bamboo bike ate very wonderful and fresh Italian food!!!!  Great tastes, pasta and chicken soup, and apple pies! David had a dog whose name is Otto. He was pretty and like moving around here and there. Bamboo bike stayed David's house, stayed warm, warm shower, Great Italian foods, nice talking, watching baseball game on TV, had valuable time with David and Otto and his roommate.

Hi, cyclist, if you will visit Pueblo, I offer David's house, he is very friendly and cooked very very nice! Home made cooking! and Fresh!
I do not forget the taste of his Italian foods and chicken soup!

When I checked the tire such as Michael taught me, I found a big glass inside the tire, I picked up the glass. Oh, sorry for bamboo bike. I will take bamboo bike to a bike shop in Pueblo tomorrow morning. In Denver there are many lanes and trails for biking, these are very good! I hope in Japan someday such lanes and trails for biking will be constructed in Tokyo, Osaka, Kyoto, and everywhere!  Good sleep!  Takashi 2010/10/12 @Pueblo

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