October 22, 2010

10/21 Mental Toughness, Samurai will never give up

10/21 @Golden city

Tonight, I felt lonely and sadness. When I felt that I had little time to promote bamboo from Kansas, east of America and to talk someone, I felt lonely, and felt sad as if I just only traveled or only ran while biking.

"I want to do social enterprise. I am a business student. I want to contribute bamboo business in Japan. I do not want to only biking cross country in US. I want to promote, to do field research about bamboo, and to be inspired more."

So I reviewed this trip from Santa Cruz to here Golden city tonight.
I wrote "Nine statements" of this trip on my note again and again.
I asked to myself,
"Can I promote bamboo/ bamboo bike well?" "Can I promote bamboo forests problem in Japan well?" "Can I promote attractiveness of Japanese bamboo products to American people well?" "Can I think about bamboo business well?" again and again.

I do not know how the effects I have promoted.
Some hours passed, around here dark came.
Inside my heart was cloudy and felt trouble, sadness, loneliness...
Such time have occurred in Japan trip 2010. In Japan trip I faced and understood the difficulties in Japanese bamboo business / bamboo bike business. At that time I felt as same emotion as which I felt in Golden city tonight.  In Japan I was helped by some talking to someone, those talking gave me a lot of energy and  revived me. I have never given up running with bamboo bike and grappling with Japanese bamboo in Japan trip 2010.

Some hours passed again.

Suddenly I remembered the faces and talking with many peoples whom I met in this trip in US.
They were very kind, friendly and I enjoyed talking much .

Lightning came over me suddenly!
Inside my heart power rose up!

"Run for Japanese bamboo !"
Samurai never falls down, always has spirit.
Samurai is always proud of myself, respects parents, loves family, is kind to elder people.
Samurai has Japanese sword.
If the situation become mostly bad, he never drop his sword and never give up, fighting against the wall in front of him.

I will never give up. I have spirit of Bamboo Samurai, and I have bamboo like a Japanese sword which Samurai always have"

I felt power inside me.
I will write some reports about bamboo at every states in US. And I will introduce attractiveness of Japanese bamboo, and bamboo.
Samurai never falls down, has spirit,  has a Japanese sword.

I think bamboo will be modern Japanese sword for Japanese. I will change the situation of bamboo forests in Japan which are neglected and spreading. Never give up!
Takashi 2010/10/21 @Golden city

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