October 20, 2010

10/20 Chanute

10/20 Fine day, from Cassoday to Chanute, 98miles

Bright, Silece, here was calm place in Cassoday shinned by a big moon in the midnight, Sometimes train accross this small town with big sound, but I slept well, I wake up 3:00 am and prepared for trip, cooked breakfast.

Breakfast: 2 ramens, oatmeal, a cup of coffee

Bamboo bike and I started biking 4:45 am I wore orange wear for the first time because of such darkness.
I seemed such like a man whom I met on the way with seeing this sign, "Work ahead", "Detour", or "Bridge out". It was funny but had good effect!

We saw sunrise at 7:40 on the way, from far, little trees, clear atmosphere, cloud like a line, sun showed his own face in front of us. Very beautiful, Kansas sunrise! When we passed 58miles, we took some rest , and ate some breads with peanuts butter. Good.
East of Kansas, around here, there were small hills, sometimes strong wind blew. Today I rode on bambo bike, I thought it was important to enjoy biking inbad condition, steep climb, strong wind, cold or hot atmosphere, rain or snow, unpaved bumpy road. crack of the roads, "Detour ".... etc. Now I am feeling, bamboo bike taught me.

We passed the Toronto, Coyville, which were small town. When we passed Coyville, I saw the sign "bike route". I thought how kind for cyclist in this country US. I felt bike was sometimes special for Americans. I hope someday in Japan.

In Kansas, we sometimes saw the towers made by stone. When I saw these towers, I felt nostalgia and thought why the people made the tower by stone, and why now these were exist around here.
Bamboo bike and I arrived at Chanute at0: 10. We went to post office, and I wrote letters to my parents. I wrote letters to my parents every states. Here in Kansas, I wrote letters for the fifth times, CA, Nevada, Utah, Colorado, and Kansas. Today I am here, safe and fine. I appreciated all the people, all the cars, all the trucks, all the bikes whom I and bamboo bikemet on the way, in the city, homestay, on the internet, in any places and all scenery which I saw and felt and the people who supported bamboo bike and me. And I appreciated God of bamboo, God of America. Thanks so much!
Tonight we will stay at city park in Chanute, Santa Fe campground.
Here was beautiful, large, water, restroom, bath, and many RV. I bought some grocery at Walmart in Chanute, I forgot to bging 2 bags which included banana, tuna-can, montain trail mix. So I backed to Walmart from campground. In Japan, such custom (store staff put products into customer's bags) does not exist, so be careful not to bring all bags. In Japan cutomers put products into bag by themselves.
Bfore cooking dinner I checked tires, and found glasses and stones inside tire, I thought this tire was so strong and protected flat tire for bamboo bike and me, Thank you tires! I pumped up about 110. This pump which I bought for bamboo bike at a bike shop "Great Devide" in Pueblo was good one, too.
At dinner I ate tomato, apple, tuna-can, paresan, taco-rice, a cup of coffee. Taco rice was very nice, it was hot, warmed my body. Tonight there were no time to read books. Tonight I slept well. Near by me, bamboo bike slept well, too.

Takashi 2010/10/20 @ Chanute, KS

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