October 21, 2010

10/21 Golden city

10/21 Fine day, from Chanute to Golden city, 95.5miles
Bamboo bike put the pedal on the Missouri for the first time today!
Though the scenery around here, golden city, were pretty same as Kansas, but a few things were different, I felt.

1. I did not see oil machines around here.
2. The dogs were running toward us, more often than in Kansas.
3. The road sing was alphabet in Missouri

The alphabet sign was funny. Why? I did not understand. In Goden city we met Jeff, he said that he did not know. haha.

Today I wake up 2:30, prepared for breakfast. 2 ramen, oatmeal, banana, and a cup of coffee.Bamboo bike and I started biking 4:20a.m. and arrived at Golden city at 1:05p.m.
In the morning, around at 8:00a.m. drizzle came, we could not see far, but drizzle let us show the field mysterious. That was beautiful, the fileds were shined by sunlight in drizzle.
At a park in Pittsburg I ate lunch, breads with peanuts butter and trail mix.
In a grocery store in Golden city, I talked to the staff of the store about bamboo forests problem in Japan and bamboo bike. She knew about bamboo, and knew that bamboo grew fast, it was diffcult to control bamboo, and she could understand bamboo forests problem in Japan. I was happy and was surprised that bamboo was known in Missouri! And she said to bamboo bike, " pretty". Bamboo bike was happy, too.

In library in Golden city it cost 2$ to use internet... and the internet access speed was too slow, so I could not update some photos and could not posted blog amd some information well... So I will re-arange the route and schedule.
We stayed City park in Golden city tonight.
City park in Golden city was very great, large, light, restroom, hot shower, and people were kind and friendly to campers. In the city park, I met some girls and boys in this town, and some talked about bamboo, they knew about bamboo, but said around here in Golden city, there were no bamboo forests. We slept well at the city parkl. Moon were round and very big. Sometimes leaves fell down near by me. Fall were coming here in west Missouri.

Takashi 2010/10/21 @Golden city

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