October 4, 2010

9/30 Blanding

9/30 Fine day, from Glen Canyon Hite Rec Area to Blanding

Bamboo bike was very tired, today will be one of the most hard day. Bamboo bike started at 4:30 a.m. and arrived at Blanding at 2:00 p.m. 8% uphill and downhill continued many times.... bamboo bike lost temper and went insane....

But there was happy time for bamboo bike and me, we met French gentleman who ride on bike 10,000km/year in France and joined bike club in France. We promoted bamboo bike and Bamboosero and social problem about bamboo forests in Japan and our activities. He said that he knew wooden bike but he saw bamboo bike for the first time, And he will show the photo of bamboo bike and me to the members of his club in France. Oh! France! Global! We were happy!

And on the way of uphill I met Warner and Ally again whom I met on Hwy95 and showed them the way. They were so kind that they donated $2 to Bamboo Samurai! Thanks! Have a good trip and see you again Warner and Ally!

Bamboo bike stayed at Kampark campground, ..... at the evening, I was bitten by red ants! 5th times, both left leg and right reg!  Ouch! It was so painful...... OMG!   Red ant was like a soldier, red head & body and black belly. I don't want see red ants more. I hope. Now is still painful...   But I ate dinner, tuna-can and Alfredo, so good!

2010/9/30 @Blanding

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