October 26, 2010

10/24 Nagaokakyo - city

10/24 Nagaokakyo-city

Nagaokakyo-city is an Environmental Declaration city, with high green conscious.
City has great history. In the latter of 8th century, Nagaokakyo-city was a capital city of Japan.
City locates south-west of Kyoto, train pass thorugh this town, it is convenient to access this city
from Kyoto, Osaka.
There are many bamboo forests in city, bamboo in this city is a good brand in Japan, for bamboo shoots, bamboo producuts relating to "tea culture" of Kyoto.

Bamboo bike and I visited this city on Aug 2010, this was memorial record for us. (Link with an article of the newspaper of Nagaokakyo - city)
There we interviewed with the governer of the city, I studied about bamboo activities in Nagaokakyo-city.
1. the original moethod to grow bamboo shoots well (for tasting better)
2. the way as fertilizer using bamboo. Bamboo is cut into particles, they use those bamboo particles as
a fertilizer to grow vegetables in farm.
They are cool staff , and Nagaokakyo-city is cool, too.
If you visit Japan, you should visit Nagaokakyo-city! Bamboo bike recommends! And I recommend, too!
Takashi 2010/10/24 @Houston, MO

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