October 14, 2010

10/14 Eads

10/14 Fine day, from Ordway to Eads, 64.7miles

I wake up early at 4a.m., and cooked oatmeals, and ate 2 bananas, drank green tea which was given by David and Meliisa. I said bye-bye to Henry and Sea. I was very helped and could access internet and do some work for write report of my university again and relaxed. Now I am always feeling strong emotion for hospitality of American people. I never forget their spirits, kindness, hospitality, someday I will re-pay and contribute to America, sure.

Bamboo bike was fine, all went well, gear changing was very smooth, tire was so strong, chain was already oiled, brakes went tightly well. On the way around here, east of Colorodo is very flat. We enjoyed biking and saw old railroad and big wheat farms. I heard from staff of library in Eads, there were many kind of wheats and wheat around here could grow up well without rain. And bamboo forest did not exist around here because of little rain. Oh, bamboo bike were almost crying.....  I was sad, too.

Bamboo bike and I ate lunch at the park in Haswell,Co. 1banana and some breads with grape jam and dry fruits. Nice. On the way, bamboo bike stopped, sometimes insects flyed and sounds occurred but a few seconds ago, nothing moved, no sounded. In vast farms, I and bamboo bike there were. Nothing moved, no sounded. We started biking again, I could hear only sounds of bamboo bike's peddaling.

Bamboo bike and I stayed at Eads tonight. Seeing many beautiful stars in the sky, I will consider about bamboo business! I cooked dinner, beef stew, ramen, and tuna-can. Beef stew was given by Ryan whom I made acquaintance by warmshower.com and homestayed his house in Colorado Springs, Co. Beef stew was tastes delisious, and a lot of calories! and cooked easy. Thanks, Ryan!

I ate much, huh.....   When bamboo bike looked at me and said to me, "you were always eating, aren't you?"  Takashi could not move, nothing around did not move, Takashi said nothing, no replied, around there, no sound.... 
I hoped good sleep, "No more chilly such like in Gunnison"....   but in the midnight, alomg the city park, on the main street, trucks and cars ran around with noisy sound, I hardly slept.. Oh.. 
Tomorrow bamboo bike will put the pedals into the Kansas states with me for the first time.   Takashi 2010/10/14 @Eads

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