October 5, 2010

10/5 Poncha Springs ~pass the Continental Divide~

10/5 Cloudy and Rainy, from Gunnison to Poncha Springs

Yesterday I must do PC work much, check e-mail box and reply, post blog up and write report to my professor. I worked at restroom and I went to bed late at night..  but I could hardly sleep because it was very chilly. From ground and from air the cold atmosphere attacked me. My body was getting colder and colder by time. My sleeping bag was already iced. I could not endure that situation, I went to roundly room and went an hour sleep. huh... Colorado is high country. When I got up my panniers were iced. I just must think about protection from coldness.

I ate breakfast: 4 oatmeals and rice and a cup of coffee. after that bamboo bike started at 7:30 form Gunnison and arrived at Sargents at 11:00a.m. Bamboo bike met John & Betty whom I met at campground at Gunnison again at Sargents. I was very happy to see them again. John & Betty donated $20 for Bamboo Samurai. And They said they will welcome bamboo bike and me at their house in Conifer,CO. Oh, I jam just happy man. They were very kind. Thank you so much, John & Betty. I never forget your kindness.

Bamboo bike ate some lunch at Sargents : 3 Breads and chocolate and a cup of coffee. 10miles 6% uphill aiming at Monarch Pass (11,312ft), that pass was the Continental Divide,too. Near the top bamboo bike was tired and it rained a little, but when bamboo bike saw the top of Rocky Mt, bamboo bike felt strong emotion. I never forget this time, reached at the top of Rocky Mt, many clouds, some clouds were gray and the others were white, the chilly atmosphere, yellow and green tall trees, ski ground, tall electric tower! At the store on the Monarch pass I bought post card for my parents. Tonight bamboo bike stayed at lodge in Poncha Springs,CO.

Takashi 2010/10/5 @Poncha Springs

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