October 8, 2010

10/8 Go hiking to Evergreen with student DU,and...

10/8 Cloudy sometimes fine, 0 miles, bamboo bike was in the inventory of bike shop and be fixed

I went hiking to Evergreen with Kristen and her students of DU. I like mountain hiking, so I enjoyed hiking and breathed forests air and felt relax. And I had good time to talk with many students who came from various countries all over the world, Saudi Arabia, China, Kuwait, Egypt. I understood there were no bamboo forests in Middle East countries and had a good time to promote bamboo and bamboo bike and my activities.

At the night I went to downtown in Denver with Kristen & Brian, visited Wazee which was Italian restaurant. Good pizza and drank some good beers. Bamboo bike visited many splendid places filled with Nature and met many kind people in US, and furthermore bamboo bike met various nice beers in US! Tonight bamboo bike met ... "Boddington", "Steamworks Colorado Kolsch", and "Fattire, not flattire"! "Boddington" tasted light, a little bit bitter same as darker beer, smelled nice and creamy. "Steamworks Colorado Kolsch" contained a flavor I felt, and tasted light but more tasty than "Boddington". "Fattire" was strong, a little bitter, tasted good. When bamboo bike met flat tire in this trip, bamboo bike will remember the taste of "Fattire", so bamboo bike will feel relax maybe.

Time passed by like clear and calm streams in Colorado.Oh, my eyes flashed on/ off/on/off....  Bamboo bike walked on street designed with colorful lights such like a baby hourse. Good sleep..    Takashi 2010/10/8 @ Denver

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