October 13, 2010

10/13 Ordway

10/13 Fine day, from Pueblo to Ordway, 53miles

I am a early waker, so I usually wake up 3:00a.m., so today I wake up 3:00 a.m.  and looked maps and considered about my schedule and prepared for today's trip.

At:9:00 David took me and bamboo bike to a bike shop in Pueblo "Great Divide Ski Bike and Hike" by his car. I said bye-bye to David in front of the store. At that store bamboo bike underwent a little bit operation ( For bike, bike shop is a good hospital). Tire and tube was not flat. I bought a good air pump which I could pumped up to 110 for bamboo bike.

Happend mirale! " 2 David helped me"

I lost my cell-phone, and looked for that one, David came back and handed my cell phone! Oh! my god! Thank you so much, David! I dropped my cell phone in his car... It was miracle for me, and very helped. Without cell phone, I will be very inconvenient, and one more miracle there was! I opened the cell phone, I noticed a miss call from David Cuzy whom I homestayed at Lakewood in Denver. When I saw that time, oh! just time before a few minutes! Without his call from David Cuzy, David  may not notice my cell phone was in his car. I was very helped by 2 David! I must say thank you to 2 David and to God of bamboo and God of America, I said "thank you so much" again.

Today is fine day, and warm. East Colorado, there were very big farms and along the old trail for trains. Bamboo bike ran with looking around the big farms and railroad. Once in a day, we saw a long long train, we wonder that what the train carried. So long!

Bamboo bike arrived at Ordway about 2:00p.m. I bought some foods, oatmeal, apples, bananas, breads and grape jam , rices, noodles at the supermarket in Ordway. And I and bamboo bike dropped by the library in Ordway, At library we met Henry who offered for us homestay!

Wow! Miracle homestay!

Henry took me his house near library, there bamboo bike and I met Sea who took care of dogs, and goats in the garden of Gillian and Mark. Henry and his friend Gillian and Mark offer good space, bed, books, warm shower, restroom, internet access for cyclist. About this place, no written in ACA's map. Hi,cyclist, here "Cyclist haere mai" is a good place if you stay in Ordway! This place is located near library in Ordway.

Bamboo bike and I stayed at "Cyclist haeremai" tonight. I regret that we did not meet Gillian and Mark who are not here because of vacation. Thanks so much! Henry, Sea, Gillian, and Mark!  Takashi 2010/10/13@Ordway

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