October 31, 2010

10/30 @Hospital in Marion

10/30 Fine day at Heartland Regional Medical Center, Marion, Omile

I stayed in Heartland Regional Medical Center in Marion today. Now it is still difficult to walk at an usual speed but the conditon is getting better than yesterday. I practiced to walk and bend left knee for some hours in hospital.
And I prepared for going to St.Louis. Ben Strong who is my best friend contacted his friend, Patrick, who is visiting to St.Louis now. If I can, I will go to St.Louis from here tomorrow and meet him, stay there, take rest, recover condition, and prepare for the next trip.

Today was one of "The Happiest Day" for me!
This was happy surprise!
Ben Walker and Lew Legacy visited my room to meet me whom we met in Marshville, Missouri. In Marshville, at that time, they helped me to search a shelter to protect from Tornado and Thunderstorm together. Today agian, I was helped by them, I got great power from them, and felt very happy.
And they gave me a warmful letter and trail mix. Oh, I could not forget this moment in the future of my life! I was almost crying.
Thank you so much Ben! Thank you so much Lew! To my heart I felt strong emotion! I never forget your kindness. Forever friends!

And today I met a car driver. I was happy to meet and talk to her. Still now I can remember her big and beautiful voice which I heard in an ambulance car, "I am sorry,Takashi!". Since that time to hear those words of her, I already have known that she has been always a good person.
No problem. I am fine. I feel good.
Don't feel any responsibility for me. Don't worry. It is OK.
I respect her very much to meet me in hospital after such accident. 
She is kind and honesty. I was helped by her much. Thank you so much! Next time I will be happy to meet her again not in such this case, but in other cases, anywhere / anytime! God helps us.

At night I catched some calls from some friends, and heard their warmful words. I felt so happy, I was glad to hear thier voice. I got a lot of energy, power from them. Thank you so much, my friends!

In night, I asked the nurse to give me some medicine to paste on the scraped places, on left leg and face. She was so kind that she brought some ointments and helped to paste those on the scraped places. I was helped, and I hope earlier recovery.

Tomorrow is Halloween. The doctor gave me a sweet snack. In the white board of this room, the monster of pumpkin was drawn. In Japan such a festival does not exist, so I am looking forward to seeing how the Halloween is. It will be the first time for me. The monster of bamboo bike may appear in front of me tomorrow....Oops!  

Takashi 2010/10/30 @Room 312, Heartland Regional Medical Center, Marion


  1. よかった
    I felt scared yesterday when I read your accident.I coincidently heard of you and your accident. But you seem to become recovery soon. You are right because you didn't blame her and appreciate anyone who helped you. I also hope you would be fine and achieve your goal.
    (Now I am not familiar with English, now I am learning it, sorry for bad English)

  2. So glad to see you are doing better! Glad to hear that the woman that hit you came to see you and that you parted on good terms.

    Hope to see you continue your journey soon!


  3. Takashi! I am sorry to hear of your accident and your bicycle. Thankfully you are safe! Please keep working hard!

  4. Thank you, everyone.
    Great feeling to hear from you, I am fine and condition is getting better day by day. Now I am staying St.Louis, and waiting another bamboo bike. I practice walking now. It is good for left leg.
    Takashi 2010/11/1@St.Louis

  5. Still following your progress. Hoping you fully recover quickly and can continue your journey across the USA. Keep posting! Forever friends, buddy!! Lew