October 11, 2010

10/10 Wonderful dinner

10/10 Rainy day, 0 miles stayed at David and Melissa's house in Lakewood, Denver,Co
I am lucky not to ride on rainy day. Tomorrow will be fine.

I ate oatmeals and 3 breads with many jams, blueberry jam, pumpkin jam( and cup of coffee at breakfast.
I wrote report for my professors in University and application for good job of VIA.   http://www.viaprograms.org/
I ate hot soup and 2 sandwiches at lunch.

Bamboo bike were sleeping in the car storage at David's house and ready for start biking tomorrow. Tire was pumped up to 110, good condition, Everything about bamboo bike goes well. That sticker "Brain Olsen Art in action" on bamboo frame looked so nice. http://brianolsenart.com/  Bamboo bike felt fun & excite!

Today I went to outside by car with David and looked the route"Platte river bikeway" where bamboo bike will go on. After that we went to look "Estate sale" and "yard sale". I just meet such sales for the first time, in Japan I have not seen such like sales. That was a Mysterious  scenery in US for me.

After that, with Scott and their friends I ate so wonderful dinner that I forgot taking photos. Surrounding table, many friendly people made a circle and on the table there were wonderful dinners! That was great scenery for me.Baked salmon, potatoes, Kinowa, Salada, Tacos, breads, wines, and beers, Nice talking, filled with laugh, good dinner, I was happy. I met David & Melissa at Bryce Canyon National Park. And now we met again and enjoyed together with many people. Miracle! I must say "Thank you" to God in US.

"Beer blog"

I drank "Hoptober" tonight. It tasted freshness and slightly bitter, it was light taste. The color is gold. But I like "Fattire" more than "Hoptober" because "Fattire" is more bitter and sharp.

Well,I and bamboo bike took great rest, and recovered energy. We will start biking again aim to Brooklyn NYC tomorrow. Tomorrow we will go to Colorado Springs, If you see us in the town or on the way, definitely let's talk and say "bamboo ! " together.

Takashi 2010/10/10 @Lakewood, Denver,CO

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