October 26, 2010

10/25 Black River

10/25 Cloudy / Fine day, from Houston to Black River (Kyle's campground),  103miles

It was too hot and too wet night to sleep well, but rain stopped.The mist covered the field around here and there. I wake up 4:30, ate breakfast, breads with peanuts butter and 2 banana. Bamboo bike and I started biking 5:45a.m. It was still dark. We went on Hwy 38, and arrived at Hartsville , which was a small town.
We dropped by gas station, and refilled water and bought 2 breads and ate those. And I adjusted saddle a littke bit again. We kept going on Hwy 38, passes Alley Spring, OZARK National Scenic RIverway, Jacks Fork,Eminence, Current river, Ellington, Centerville,Black river.

Around here, we could see many fallen leaves and many trees, small ponds, cattles, many rivers, creeks and dogs.
The road were almost coverd over the trees, we felt "good" during biking. Sometimes wind blew strong and a few leaves felt down toward the road, bamboo bike and me.We could see many falling leaves in the air on the road.Almost trees have already turned red or yellow. During biking we felt the sense of autumn much today
Along the road we could see small ponds, rivers, creeks. There were much water around here, I thought,
this was the different between Kansas and Missouri.

Bamboo bike and I were followed by barking crazy dogs many times in Missouri, this was the difference
between Missouri and the other states we pass.(California, Nevada, Utah, Colorado, Kansas) We always felt mental stress while biking on the road. And sometimes, crazy big truck drivers and car drivers passed over near us with big warning sound, big exhaust here in Missouri. In the other states there were no such cases. I always  felt mental stress while biking here in Missouri. Bamboo bike and I regretted very much...

And there were a lot of hills, like a roller coaster. I thought that keeping energy ( energy bar, eat someting) was important thing to ride strongly here. I ate some breads and banana and trail mix to keep energy.

Are these "Missouri" ? I think so, these are Missouri.

At the cannue lental store near Jacks Folk river, I bought post card to write letter to my parents in Japan.
At Ellington, MO I took rest for 1 hour, and I met a biking couple, Rithy and Carrol from Chicago , aimed to go south, for 4 days trip. They rode on titanium bikes. All the biking guys who came from Chicago whom I met rode on titanium bike. Is titanium bike very popular in Chicago? They have already knew about bamboo bike, we talked for some time. After talking, they went to restaurant to eat lunch. To save money I bought a orange juice, pancake, peer and tuna-can in a supermarket in Ellington. I ate a pancake(160calories) and drank orange juice(60calories).

From Ellington to Black river, the distance was about 33miles. I called Truma, the owener of Kyle's campground whether I could stay tonight. She said " welcome, today was open." We passed Johonson's Shut Ins State Park, and arrived at Black river, Kyle's campground at 3;45p.m. Truma was friendy and talkative.
Her daughter said to me "it would be rain tonight, storm was coming"
"Oops!" ..... Thunderstorm again?! ....
I looked at sky, already dark, wind already blew very strong, and I saw many dark clouds. I decided to lent lodge to protect from storm tonight.

Is this "Missouri" ? I do not know, but I was feeling so..

In this campground, only cold water shower could be used. I used cold water shower... oh...cold.
Don't blow wind toward me...
In dinner I went to the resutaurant in Kyele's campground. I ate Pizza, with Busch, Amrican foods.

" Beer blog"  Busch
Tonight I drank Busch for the first time, but it was not interesting, tasted light only, same like Bud, Coors. I wanted to drink original Missouri beer.

In the lodge it was warm, I could keep warming, I remembered the kindness of Tom whom I met in Montrose, he lent me a cabin and I saw the stick made from bamboo to hang clothes in this lodge.Bamboo bike and I were happy to see this. I wrote letters to my parents. Good sleep, hope good weather tomorrow.

Takashi 2010/10/25 @Black River, MO

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