October 4, 2010

10/4 Gunnison

10/4 Cloudy, from Montrose to Gunnison

At the morning I and bamboo bike said bye-bye to Rocky and Nika. Thanks so much!
On the way, at the Newberry's store in Cimaron I ate lunch, cinnamon bread, potato, tomato, sandwiich, 2 cups of coffee and chocolate cookie. The boss of the store William Newberry gave me a potato, a tomato, a chocolate cookie and map of Colorado. These tasted so nice and map will be helpful for me. I thought tomato in US was more sweet than in Japan. I am loving tomatoes in US.  And I was misunderstood that I was a Tibet guy by William...  When I looked into the mirror, my ten line of the face,,,,, seemed like Tibet guy, I see,

Near Gunnison, bamboo bike met Rodny who are hitch-hiking. He said that he did not have any food, so I gave an energy bar to him. Bamboo bike stayed at KOA campground and ate dinner: mashroom rice, cheddar Broccli. In Colorado, night and morning it was chilly but air was clear and stars were shining over my sleeping bag. Tomorrow bamboo bike will pass Rocky Mt. Bamboo bike will pass Monarch pass (11,312ft) which is one of the passes of Rocky Mt.  

Takashi 2010/10/4@Gunnison

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