October 22, 2010

10/22 Marshfield

10/22 Fine day, from Golden city to Marshfield, 79.5miles

It was warm this morning in Golden city, I woke up at 4:30a.m. and cooked breakfast. 2 Ramen, oatmeal and a cup of coffee.
During and after cooking, there was one thing which embarrass me recently. My stove and cooking cup were always coated by grime. So when I washed cooking cup, my hand was dirty by grime. I did not understand why grime occurred. If someone know the solution, please let me know.

Bamboo bike and I started biking at 6:10a.m. and arrived at Marchfield at 1:50. Around here from Golden city to Marchfield in Missouri, the scenery were very different from that in Kansas, there were many tall trees, the colors of some trees were deep green, the others were already red or yellow. Those were beautiful.

One thing embarrassed us. The dogs around here were often free, some dogs were following toward us with barking. So we felt stress.

Around here in west of Missouri there were a lot of small hills, those were continuous.....all the way.....
those were like snakes, those were like roller coasters, and those were like the tops of great mountains in Utah. Here was a good place to practice biking to train legs, I thought.

Yesterday night, I recovered mental toughness, so today I have a big fire in my heart. On the way sometimes I felt tired and was almost crying because of continuous many hills but kept biking with bamboo spirit. And during biking on bamboo bike I got a good idea about bamboo product using Japanese bamboo. It is a secret idea...

I ate lunch at the gas station in Ash Grove. I bought Gatarado tasted "fruit punch", and 1 cinnamon bread. I ate cinnamon bread and bread with peanuts butter and drank Gatarado (I drank Gatarado second times in US, first time in Blanding.) And I filled diesel into the can, The boss of that store did not know diesel for cooking.

There are about 5,000 pop in Marshfiekd, there is Walmart here. I like Walmart because I can buy some grocery at cheaper price. Today I bought 4  Ramen, 1tuna-can, 6 batteries, 1apple, and chocolate milk. Chocolate milk is good, 200 calories, which David showed me in Denver. (drank second times, too)

I arrived City hall to register the camp site tonight. In my plan, we planned to stay city park in Marshfield. But the staffs told me about "Tornado and Thunderstorm would coming around here on Saturday and Sunday.... and they said to me that the size of the hail was maybe like a tennis ball size....

In Japan, such size hail I have never experienced, and I have never known the threats of Tornado and Thunderstorm. For the first time.

They advised me to find shelter. And I called to Ben who was my best friend. He also showed me some information about Tornado and Thunderstorm, showed some places to stay tonight, and gave me some suggestions to find shelter.
So, I decided to change the place to stay tonight, find shelter.

I went to hotel, but the owner was absent. I met 2 kind guys there. They kindly looked for another hotel in Marshfield and took me there with bamboo bike by their car. Thank you so much, Lew and Ben!
The hotel, Holiday Inn Express, was not outside, not camp.
Very beautiful... After entering the hotel and my room, I was very surprised at the big difference between camp and hotel. I could not say nothing for a few minutes as if  I saw great Bryce Canyon, Glen Canyon, Lake Powell, Rocky Mt, Glen.

There were 2 beds in room. 2 beds? Why?
Bamboo bike said to me, "one was mine."
Takashi replied.... "Oh, I see, sorry."

Takashi 2010/10/22 @Marshfield, MO

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