October 23, 2010

10/23 @Marshfield

10/21 Tornado and Thunderstorm came around here

Bamboo bike and I stopped biking and stayed at Marshfield today because Tornado and Thunderstorm is coming around here tonight and tomorrow.  Outside it was already windy and rained.
We must decide whether we will start or stay tomorrow but weather news showed us that Thunderstorm will stay still around here tomorrow morning...

with drinking coffee,,, I think,

the rest of distance is about 1,610.6miles for 25days ( supposed we will arrive at Brooklyn on November 17.)

We stayed inside and took rest and have much time today. I wrote report for university.
We must re-schedule our plan. And I will contact Bamboobikestudio whether I will be able to study how to make bamboo bike again. Though I send an e-mail to them a few days ago, there were no responses from them.  How to make is related to their business directly and also related to trade secretary, core value of company, so it may be difficult to study there. I do not know, I will send e-mail to them again. Only to visit will be OK, I think.

Recently my digital camera sometimes does not work well, it does not focus well. Camera is so expensive that I can not buy another one in this trip,
Bamboo bike said to me, "Hey, if you shoot me, please take me handsome or pretty."
Outside it rained a little, still silent..

Takashi 2010/10/23 @Marshfield

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