October 4, 2010

10/3 Montrose

10/3 Fine day, from Telluride to Montrose

Today Bamboo bike met Reid who came from Boulder Colorado and aim to go Mexixo by bike.
Reid was very friendly and talkative and said that he was always thinking and washed his body by creek. Awesome! In Japan, some strict Buddhists were struck by fall, creek. He did, too! And he said he would wanted to build bamboo bike with me in Japan in the future, I was happy to hear that. Always welcome, let's build bamboo bike together! Thanks Reid!

Montrose was big town and there bamboo bike met Rocky and Nika who came from Utah, and Rocky worked at Marine. I was invited their dinner and talked much, about hunting, fishing, UTah, Colorado. His hunting story was very interesting and  he He said water in Colorado is clearest of all states in US. Someday I will go fly-fishing at Colorado, that is one of my dream, such like movie " River runs through it".

I see. I ate green chili and Italian sausage and drank Gatorade mixed with Vodka. Tastes nice! "Gatorade Vodka!"
And evening I took hot bath watching beautiful sky in Colorado in campground in Montrose, which I took at Kyler(s house in Tahoe Vista. Oh, felt good!

And I met Tom, Tom was so kind that he lent his cabin for me tonight. Long time no sleep at such warm bedroom. I could stay warm all the night. Thanks,Tom. Thanks, Colorado!Thanks, America!  Takashi 2010/10/3@Montrose  

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