October 12, 2010

10/11 Colorado Springs

10/11 Fine day, from Denver to Colorado Springs

Via Hwy105, 83 ,21 and E.Platte Ave.
I ate breakfast at 6:30a.m. with David and Melissa and said bye-bye. Bamboo bike started biking again at 7:00a.m. On the road bamboo bike and I felt sometimes lonely because we miss David and Melissa, they were so kind that we felt as if we were in our home. Thanks so much, David and Melissa. Please keep in touch.

Long no ride for 3 days, and on Hwy21 traffic was crowded with many cars and complicated in such big city in Colorado Springs, so today bamboo bike was too tired. The bike lane on Hwy 21 and 105 were very narrow, so bamboo bike ran carefully and sometimes stopped and walked. Bamboo bike and I ate lunch, 3 boiled eggs,bread with peanut butter, and chocolate milk which David and Melissa cooked  for bamboo bike and me! Nice, but we felt we miss them...during eating lunch....

Bamboo bike stayed at Ryan's house in Colorado Springs, with his wife and three children. Ryan traveled in Asia, Thailand, Nepal, VIetnam, Chine with his wife and 2 children for 6 month 2 years ago. He has great experiences! He talked me about his trip and knowledge about bike. Bamboo bike and Ryan made acquaintance via warmshower.com. That is a organization which offers homestay for cyclists.
http://www.warmshowers.org/   This is pretty cool site.

I ate good dinner, salmon, salada with rice and some beers with his family, and took warm shower and slept well. Shower room in his house was like a aerospace! with radio, steem shower, some lights, Mysterious for me!
Thanks Ryan, Elisha, Jeid, Eba, Dylan!

"Blue Paddle"
 It tastes like a "Fattire", and contains a little bit freshness. I like this Colorado  beer.

 It is strong, bitter tastes, strong flavor,  like darker beer.

Bamboo bike's and my trip started again,  I am feeling I should keep thinking bamboo business, promoting bamboo, loving Nature, learning about biking and safe trip! Bamboo bike and I are looking forward to seeing many people and talking with them and great Nature in the trip in the eastern US! Takashi 2010/10/11 @Colorado Springs

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