October 17, 2010

10/16 Bazine

10/16 Fine day, from Scott city to Bazine, 68miles,

Bamboo bike stayed at City Park in Scott city, it was warm night, quiet,a lot of green,
So, bamboo bike felt relax and slept well,
"No red ant", "No crazy squirrel", and "No more big sound car".

Takashi wake up ealry 4:00a.m. as usual, and prepare for breakfast,

Bamboo bike and I started biking at 5:30a.m. via Hwy96, via Ness city, without lunch.
Time zone has already changed, 1 hour earlier than in Colorado.
So, sunrise began at 7:53a.m.
Under the vast golden field, a straight horizon, a few small clouds which shape are like a airplane jet line, purple sky, the red face of sun appeared. Good morning, Sun!

The time before the sunrise, I love it much.
because in the dark, I can feel many things, the clear atmosphere, smell of dried field, and see some decorated big trucks by lights, whole in the sky I can see numerous stars, stars were shining like cat'e eyes, I saw shooting stars six times today.
In the vast plain around here in Kansas , three colors of lights were floating mysteriously, Those were orange light,red lights,white light,
These were like a Arabian night's castle in a sand
These were like a ghost ship in the Scandinavian sea
These were like fishing boats floating on the sea
These were Beautiful without words! I was inspired by imagination, it was like poetic, it may be a ”Dreamland" where Edgar Poe reached through the dim Thule. ("Dreamland" E.A. Poe)  I love Poe the most.

We arrived at Bazine 10:20a.m.
Bazine is a small town, about 400 people lives in, one third of people is hispanic,
Bamboo bike met a strange guy on the main St of Bazine city.
He offered me "Do you want to go my farm? Just now?" or showing me some photos and
said to me "good truck, good combine!" And "Would you drink Marihuana together?"
Sorry, I was a little bit confuded, I could not understand what he want to talk to me.
At last he said to me showing small frisbee.
" Do you like frisbee?"
I replied "ya, I like flisbie made from bamboo"
He went away saying after that, bamboo bike and I went to gas station in Bazin.
Though I ask whether I can refill deissel into a can, the boss refused this service.
I did not understand why.
I felt strange in this town.

On the way I studied history of Kansas, I dropped by Historical site, and I knew about George Washington Carver, he was a great scientist and contributed to homestead into Kansas.

Bamboo bike and I stayed at bicyclc lodge! This service was very unique for me. During de-packing, pondering my scheduling and route, I waited for the boss of this lodge ,Elaine and Dan. They went to church.Today was Saturday.

We ate gorgeous lunch and dinner together, they were very kind. And I went to nursing home with kids,Elaine, 4 puppies. Elaine and Dan have 14 dogs.( including 9 puppies).
I was glad to do volunteer work here in Kansas!
After that Elaine showed me an oil well. The big machine which I thought it was a wheat stricking machine is an oil machine! (Sorry, I had a mistake)

Beer blog: Keystone light. it tasted light and good but lack of tasty, fruity, creamy, it was like Bud light.

Bamboo bike and I relaxed much. Thank you so much, Elaine and Dan!

"Bike hostel", "For only cyclist can use"

This type of service is for only cyclists, including shower, foods, bed. I thought this type of service or culture was very unique, I never heard about such this service in Japan.
I will be glad that such like this house or service will appear in Japan soon in the future, And I was very inspired very much by this service, hospitality in America, I will create new service for biking and bambooing considering such this service as one of the services of Bamboo Samurai someday, soon.(considering with eating American tomatoes! Because American tomatoes let my brain to work well!)     Takashi 2010/10/16 @Bazine

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