October 4, 2010

9/29 Glen Canyon National Rec Area

9/29 Fine day, from Randy's store, Caineville to Glen canyon National Rec Area

I said bye-bye to Randy.

Dear Randy, my teacher
I am safe and I am inGunnison,CO, Tomorrow, Bamboo bike will cross Rocky Mt. will pass Monarch Pass(11,312ft), which is one of the pass of Rocky Mt. Today morning it was cloudy , so I am afraid of rain or snow, but it was not rain or snow. And weather of tomorrow will be fine(30% chance of rain). If it will snow or rain, it will be OK, I will think neutral you taught me. I think we Japanese should think organic life and love the earth and social cost such like you and Americans. I respect you and Americans. I never forget your kindness and sweet tomato and a cup of coffee and your beautiful farms and your store. Let's keep in touch, Randy, my teacher. I will read "one straw revolution". I will continue studying, and make efforts to contribute public society both in Japan and America, and all over the world.  P.S.  My letter's paper is made from bamboo in Japan, it contains social cost(20% higher price than ordinary papers)  Takashi 2010/10/4

bamboo bike started biking aim to Glen canyon National Rec Area, Hite. At Hanksville bamboo bike felt hungry so ate breakfast "Ham and; eggs". Today was easy ride because wind followed bamboo bike and almost downhill.  It was collaboration between wind and bamboo!

At Hite Glen canyon Rec Area, bamboo bike met Kurt & Barbara who came from Switzerland and traveled in US. I saw Lake Powell for the first time, it was great and beautiful, rock were sometimes seemed like Japanese temple and shrine, and I swam in the Lake Powell. I Felt good, and enjoyed swimming! After that I was invited dinner and ate spanish rice and some cheese and Italian sausage, and drank Corona beer. And I was taught about "FLYER"and e-bike.  http://www.swissflyer.de/ . I think e-bike business are getting big and popular now in the progressing country, so bamboo bike and e-bike will get married well in the future, I hope so! And I was taught about the battery exchange system was developed well in Swiss, too. I thought it was great system to spread or get popular for e-bike. That's will be displayed in the other country soon I thought. Bamboo Samurai may go flight to swill and meet FLYER to co-operate on bamboo-e-bike business in Swiss, at that time I will visit Kurt & Barbara's house, and I hope I want to ride with Kurt and Barbara on bamboo bike or bamboo-e-bike!  I got additional dream today! Thanks, Kort, Barbara! See you again, let's keep in touch!

 Takashi 2010/9/29@Glen canyon Hite Rec Area

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