November 1, 2010

11/1 @St.Louis

11/1 Fine day, @St.Louis

I woke up 6:00a.m. Outside I saw squirrels moving on the branch of tree.
It was a little chilly. I felt the wounded parts of left leg and face were getting better than yesterday.

Today I took great rest.

Morning, ate breakfast, pancakes, banana, coffee.
After that I went to REI with Deno to buy some bike wears and check prices of equipments needed again, riding on Crossfire, Deno's stylish sports car!
(I like sports car, I like speed. I felt very good)
Some equipments were broken in a traffic accident. So I must prepare some bike wears / bottoms / warm leg / warm arm / glove.
Furthermore I need light / pannier / cooking stove / diesel can / cooking set / water bottle holder / watch / compass / track jacket / shoes / fix tool / bike lock chain.
I will talk to insurance company about the expense soon.

After that we went to lunch, ate sandwitch, soup, coffee.
Very good taste! At the restaurant we talked a lot about business, travel, bike, hobby, dream, and farming. He was also used to be a business student, and loving biking, Nature. I felt very intimate sense with him. He has sense of humor, intelligence, always gentleman, and big Chicago Cubs fan. I like him very much. I want to be such a smart gentleman. I promise I will sure to present Deno a Bamboo Samurai's bamboo bike.
"Bike is free" "Travel gives us 2 things, one is a notice, the another is a thought."

In the evening, I moved to motel in St.Louis near airport.
I will stay here for a couple of days and wait for arriving bamboo bike, preparing for next trip.  (re-planning the schedule, practice walking, some arrangements for traveling)
I am helped by Patrick, Jessica, Deno, Manita, Lucy. Thank you so much. I said bye-bye to Patrick and Jessica.
I saw many brick built house in St.Louis. Those were beautiful and let me feel old ages, exotic, nostalgia. Here St.Louise, famouse for bricks and Budwiser. And I will keep thinking about my company, next step as business, step by step, it is like a uphill biking.
"Bike is free" , " Business is New"

Takashi 2010/11/1@St.Louis


  1. Hello, you seem to be fine, from which I feel your safety. I don't know you and your plan well. But I hope you will achieve your goal. To tell the truth, I am not interested in Bamboo itself because it has been not especially useful for me. And now I can't understand why you love Bamboo so much. Would you mind to teach me the reason through this comment if you can. Anyway, hang in there. And rest with kind people in St Louis for a while.

  2. Dear shuichi-san

    Great to hear from you and thank you for posting letter to me.

    I want to contribute public society in Japan, America, world / contribute to solve social problems in Japan, America, world.
    This is my passion.

    Bamboo grows fast, means renewable,sustainable, attractive resources to Nature, Environment.
    But there are many difficulties for Japanese bamboo, so some of these are neglected now. Bamboo bike is one of the ideas to solve this problem.

    1. neglect is not good = build system, make new product
    2. contribute to public society in Japan = employment, develop craftsmanship, green society, green conscious, protect bamboo culture...

    This trip is consists of 2 parts.
    One is contribution to solve neglected bamboo forests problem in Japan.
    Another is repayments for kind American people whom I met in San Francisco Bay area in March 2010. I will donate some money or bamboo garden (money exchaged) to church in San Francisco which I fund-raise in this trip2010 in US. Takashi 2010/11/2 @St.Louis

  3. Thank you for reply.

    I understand what you mean to say.

    It sounds good. And more, you have been already trying to do so. The accident was a pity. But I think even it will help you and your achievement. I feel your will is honest and rational. I cheer your object and actions.

    Please pay attention to road accidents or something.

    Hang in there.

    I will arrive here later



  4. shuichi-san

    Thank you so much! Someday, we will meet on the road.
    if you are OK, my video is updated on a website as follows, you can visit,

    Takashi, Bamboo Samurai