November 11, 2010

11/11 Marion ~ ~God bless Golconda, they taught me how beautiful human being is ~

11/11 from Golconda to Marion, 37miles

"Departure, Back on the road" by Ben Walker

I woke up 6:00a.m., took a shower, packaged some stuff into new bags. Ben was still sleeping. I talked to D.J. for some time. I wrote letters to Ben and Cathy on a paper which were made from Japanese bamboo. Memories in Golconda flashed back one by one, this morning on the bed, I could not control my expression well, sentimentalism, that was something impressive I could not express.
Ben woke up, said "Good morning". At that time, I could not still control my eyes, my tears well. I picked up bamboo bike2 from apartment to outside. Bamboo bike2 did not say nothing to me. We have not talked yet. Ben went to grocery store to buy "Corn Chex" for my breakfast. I ate breakfast 2 bowl "Corn Chex" and an apple.

I met Joy, said bye-bye, I hope her condition are getting better and better.God bless Joy. After that Craper and Cathy came to meet me, Craper gave me some gifts, books, flower, beautiful origami crane....taught story about her father who loved Japan, I felt her kindness, softness, wisdom, longing for Japan, wish for my safe trip  deep inside her eyes. She knew Japanese culture well. A red colored beautiful origami looked double because of tear. Cathy gave some gifts for me and fiance, books, bible, beautiful spooner in the Elizabeth era, Indian's arrow head, a poem, 2recipes for cabbler and quiche, necklace which shapes big mariposa. Arrow head is a weapon of Indian, symbol of brave warrior. I will consider and make my "company logo" using bamboo and this Indian's arrow head Cathy gave me. She gave me a poem as an amulet. I love poem, so after biking today I tried to read the poem she gave me, but I could read only a few sentences, I could not read more because my heart was filled with joy, her kindness, her wish by such a few sentences. During trip I always put this poem and arrow head in my pocket.

"With Craper, her Grandfather and Cathy" by Ben Walker

My heart were filled up with something I could not express, it is like a joy, like happiness, and at last these poured out of my eyes as tear. Something sacred hugged me, I was feeling. This was the feeling that I was hugged by something warm, something big, too. I don't know what it was. I can not express what it was. But I am sure feeling.


"Promise, Astalavista!"
On the main street of Golconda, I said bye-bye to Ben, Cathy, Craper, they are special to me.
Thank you so much. Golconda, it was my second hometown, my favorite town in United States, like a memorial box of jewels.  
I have many dreams, today I got one dream. That dream is that I will contribute to build bridge between Golconda and Japanese town. The bridge will cross over future, like a singing bridge cross over great Ohio river. And I promise I will visit here in Golconda again. 
Samurai will sure to do what Samurai said once.
See you, Forever my friend, Ben. Forever my teacher Cathy, Craper, and Great Golconda! God bless Golconda. Tyo cool, Golconda! Beautiful day today.

Today was the first day I and bamboo bike2 on the road. We rode 37miles from  Golconda to Marion, KY. On the way I kept reminding Golconda. On the way Bamboo bike2 said to me for the first time, "Hey, Takashi, take care of your leg. Hold tight my hundlebar and I can support you! Go together to New York." I felt happy, I replied "thank you bamboo bike2, my leg condition was good." Yes, I must keep having strong heart, I am Samurai, never give up.
Today was also the first day bamboo bike2 put the pedal on the Kentucky states, across the Ohio river, by ferry. On the ferry, I gazed at deep-green water of the Ohio river, I searched for "Cat Fish", but I could not find anything. In front of me, I saw the field of Kentucky were spreading, in the back of me, I saw some rocks, some houses of Illinois.

I said bye-bye to Hiro. Hiro will fly to New York from Paducahand take video in Bamboobikestudio. I know he loves work, he is professional. I respect him. I was happy to speak Japanese with Hiro, see you again in Japan, Hiro! 

We arrived at Marion 1:00p.m. I dropped by local newspaper office,"The Crittenden Press, Inc"  (www.the to promote bamboo. I talked to some staffs to promoted bamboo bike/ bamboo/ Bamboo Samurai/ eco friendly life. I hope they get interested in this activity.

Tonight we stay at Church in Marion, we were invited church by Pastor whom we met in campsite in Marion. We can stay warm. I ate dinner, taco rice and tuna-can, energy bar, banana.
In city park in Marion , it was very quiet, sometimes the leaves sang a pretty song dancing with wind. Bamboo bike2 were surrounded with "Nature" in fall in Kentucky for the first time. Sunset was coming earlier. The Craper's dad's, a veteran of WW2, flag were swinging. Today is veterans day, beautiful day today. 

I wonder if Ben and Joy already stayed at hotel in St.Louis, and if the inspection worked well for Joy. God bless Joy and Ben. Takashi 2010/11/11 @Marion,KY


  1. Hi Takashi

    Congratulations on your re-start with Bamboo2. When I read your entry I feel lile traveling across the US. Thanks. It is a pity that you leave your lovely persons in Golconda.

    Me, I talked with a couple in New Zealand.Their name are Jason and Sarah. They are a bike shop owner in NZ and start to repair sec-mama chari and sell then there.I will corporate to promote mama bicycle to people in NZ through my blog.

    It is my matter about mama bicycle. No one knows such a plan. But I believe mama bicycle is helpful everywhere outside Japan and give babiy's smiles to moms and papas certainly.

    Anyway, hang in there to NY.

    I recommed the Bronx Zoo to you personally.


  2. Dear shuichi

    Sounds great. It is good business seed.
    What is mama bike you mean? (that bike equips some box around hundlebar?) Can you build mama bike? Why NZ?
    Have a good trip!

    Takashi 2010/11/12

  3. Hi Takashi, I have been told about you from my dear friend Cathy, she is a precious person.. You will be welcomed back to Golconda,Illinois with open arms.. we are glad that God led you this way.. Come back anytime.. GOD BLESS YOU TODAY AND FOREVER...